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Chief Petty Officer
USS Triumphant
Systems Technician
Bolarus IX
Species Bolian
Gender Male
In Memoriam

Vital Statistics

  • Height: 5'10
  • Build: Average
  • Skin tone: Navy blue
  • Eye colour: Grey blue
  • Hair colour: Bald


Bald like all most all Bolians he has a 3 inch patch of discolored grayish skin on the rear left top of his head from an explosion years before.


Toaxx works exactly as he was taught, which was by the book. He has problems taking orders from younger people which has significantly stalled his career; as well as bringing him close to a court martial for insubordination and disobeying orders, he has received multiple negative appraisals from his superior officers. He is a quiet but gruff individual, working his people hard, while looking out for their wellbeing.

On his time off he enjoys playing Bumo, a Bolian board game that he taught to several of his roommates and colleagues.


  • 235904.28 - age 18 - Enlisted in Starfleet
  • 236007.14 - age 19 - Graduated and transferred to SB73
  • 236611.02 - age 25 - Transferred to USS Starshine
  • 236703.11 - age 26 - Transferred to SB45 for additional training
  • 236808.17 - age 27 - Promoted to Petty Officer
  • 237005.30 - age 29 - Transferred to USS Penguin