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  • Age (DOB): born 2296
  • Species: Klingon/Romulan hybrid
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: brown
  • Height: 7'2


  • Parents
    • father: Nosa'J lab technician of the Klingon science vessel Khti'Mer
    • mother: Tiamel security officer of the Romulan "observer vessel," Raven
  • Siblings: Krul , cousin KIA circa 2371
  • Spouse: Mel (Terran)
  • Children
    • Je'torBLs
    • Ja'torbl
    • Jay'ls


  • 2295 (late September) Captain James T. Kirk after retirement is recruited as consultant for Chal planetary Defense Force. Falls in love with Gov representative Teilani. Admiral Drake died in a attempt to thwart peace negotiations with the Klingon Empire. He wanted revenge of Kirk for bringing the Organian to settle > the dispute between Earth and Qo'nos, thus not allowing to avenge her wife death at the hands of the Klingon's. It was later discovered that Adm. Drake was the one who supplied David Marcus with the proto- matter used in the genesis device, also that he had some doing in the Cartwright / Chang conspiration treachery.
  • 2295 (mid October) Enterprise B is launched. Kirk is believed to be Dead
  • 2296 Relief efforts began after Khitomer accords and Klingon's began to use Chal as a relief port bringing refugees in need of relocation after Praxis explosion. The Romulan states they have the right to send a "observation vessel" to assure that Chal will not be used as a striking base to a invasion fleet against the Romulan Empire. To'rbls parent's meet. Some timer later Tor'bls is born. His Cousin Krul is born on Qo'nos, about the same time. A secret meeting between the Romulan & Klingon Ambassador and Federation President to discuss how to treat the Chalchaj Qmey incident. It decided it will be Need to Know basis information to Admiralty level up. During childhood and adolescence, Krull kept good relation with his cousin Torbls, being of the same age they treat them selves as twins brothers.
  • 2316 at age 20 he Torbls married Mel left his government work and began training at Chal Academy.
  • 2320 finished Chal academy Training ... went training at the Klingon Academy. Krul was ecstatic and was his most oppressor teacher.
  • 2320 - 2370 its rumored To'rbls did special assignments with Krul deep inside Romulan Space and Beta quadrant. No official record was filed nor found.
  • 2371 Captain Picard returns after the events on Veridian III. Commander Shelby sends a small tactical from a recently created intelligence division team (4 human and one Klingon, Krul) to investigate the presence of Borg cube near New Titan Colony. Its later discovered that one Romulan Admiral and the Borg began plans to bring Kirk to life and use him as a weapon to destroy the Federation making him and excellent opponent to Picard. It is speculative that this alliance between the one Romulan admiral and the Borg was a diversion from the true intention of the Borg queen to invade Earth past. After hearing of Krul death he retired (began planning to revenge his cousin). Enterprise E is launched. Dominion Wars began some time later. He reenlisted at Chal Defense Force.
  • Present - After war ended To'rbls gained the trust of ambassador Wolf. Wolf was the first linkage to To'rbls to try to endeavor the revenge in his heart for Krul death. Accepted invitation to try the Earthmen Academy at Earth to start from scratch. At the same meeting he meet Commander Shelby, his second link. Comm Shelby gives To'rbls , Krul letter to him, written moments before the New Titan Recon mission.

238306.01 Transfer to the Marine Medical Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant.