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Crew of the 'USS '''''


Lieutenant Commander Tidus Hook

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Lieutenant Commander Tidus Hook is a security/tactical officer serving aboard the --


  • Full Name: Tidus Hook
  • Date of Birth: 235103.23
  • Species: Brikar
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: None
  • Eye Color: Black

Professional History

Brikarian Military

Tidus belongs to a wealthy family and was able to enter the military with high honor. In addition to his family status, Tidus was second in his class in basic training. Tidus served for the military for seven years before being offered the chance to join Starfleet. During his service, Tidus was awarded eleven honors including one of the highest honors that can be awarded during peaceful times.

  • When Tidus left the Brikar military he was the rank of Major.
  • Tidus first served in the engineering core for three years under the rank of Sergent.
  • Tidus then served for three years in the medical core as a military policeman under the rank of Captain.
  • Tidus served his last year in the military as an intelligence and resource allocations officer under the rank of Major.

Starfleet Academy

Tidus joined the academy out of the Brikar military and essentially flew right through it. The only area's Tidus struggled in at the academy were the science courses that far surpassed his previous classes on the sciences in his life.

  • Tidus joined the academy on 238309.03 and graduated the academy on 238712.05.


Personal History


Physical Description

Tidus is a strong and built Brikar man. His skin is a dull-grey copper.

  • Build
    • Muscular
  • Height
    • 7'0"
  • Weight
    • 700lbs

Habits and Abilities


  • Living among Humans and other species so long has made Tidus engage in more small talk than most Brikar would, but this talk is still often short and straight to the point.


  • Tidus is a master of Brikarian martial arts, and he has mastered the modern arts taught on earth as well.


As a Youth

  • Tidus has always maintained a proper reputation, even as a child.
  • As a teenager Tidus was widly known for being a very stong and able man.

As an Adult

  • Tidus' entered the military and was quickly advanced to the officer ranks due to his reputation for being a responsible and capable soldier and leader.
  • While in the military Tidus gained a reputation for being one of the strictest, most demanding, officers around; he was also known for bringing out the best in the men under his command and never failing to accomplish his duties.


Universal Agreement Gnosticism

  • Tidus practices a unique family form of Universal Agreement Gnosticism which is derived from a variety of ancient and modern religious ideas and systems, originating in Jewish-Christian milieux in the first and second century AD on earth and broadened by the systems and involvement of other sentient species such as the Vulcans, Denobulans and Bajorans.
    • Tidus' family believes in a holy figure similar to Christ. Stories of their holy figure have been passed down for generations dating back several hundred years past the only known 150 years of Brikar history. Their beliefs were already so close to those of Universal Agreement Gnosticism that they perceived the similarities and growing following to be a sign that the path was righteous and true.
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Notes, and Trivia

  • The pictures used as the base for Tidus Hook are of the actor and wrestler Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.