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The Taren are a secret pacifist group who believe that alien influence has corrupted Terran civilization. Their aim is to expel all non-terran colonies or civilizations from the Federation and to then begin a neutral, non-interference policy with all other forms of life. This information was revealed in a brief mandate received by Starfleet Command on Stardate 237304.01. To date their are no known members or any indication of Taren activities whatsoever. No further information is known at this time and Starfleet Intelligence has classed the threat posed by this group as minimal.

Appendix I

  • Stardate: 237411.16
  • Author: Lt Cmdr Gresty
  • Report: After months without word or action from the Taren group, a recent terrorist attack on Starfleet Command has been blamed upon the Taren. Also Starfleet Intelligence have warned that Taren membership is far greater than expected and could number into the hundreds, several known sympathizers are currently under watch. The attack, on the Grady Building, claimed 42 lives and injured 63 people. A full investigation has cast suspicion upon Captain Pelletier, currently commanding the vessel USS Freedom-A, which crash landed on Earth a few hours before the attack. His senior staff are also wanted for questioning however all have currently dropped into hiding, increasing suspicions regarding their possible Taren membership.

Appendix II

  • Stardate: 237412.25
  • Author: Admiral Strange
  • Report: Events over the last few weeks have led to the end of the Taren Terrorist group. It has been revealed that the ringleader of the group was Admiral John Maxwell Phelan of Starfleet Intelligence, who lost his life in the events leading up to the demise of the Taren group. It has also been revealed that the terrorist attack on Starfleet command was carried out by a splinter group of the Taren, who were dedicated to achieving the same objectives but with the use of force. Further details regarding membership of these groups and also events leading up to the demise of these groups have been restricted by Starfleet Command. However all members of the USS Freedom crew have been cleared of all charges and any suspicion.