The Oasis

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The Oasis, a very good inn in ShirKahr's Outskirts Area on Vulcan, is run by a former Vulcan professor of interspecies studies named T'kin. She took over operating the restaurant as an experiment to see the practical application of the things she taught. That was ten years ago; she continues to work at the inn, but doesn't mention the experiment much anymore.

"The Oasis" has gained a reputation as one of the better places for non-Vulcans to go in ShirKahr. T'kin goes out of her way to make sure that visitors get to see as much of her world as possible. She has helped make arrangements for individuals to go on tours or visits to different places on Vulcan. Vulcans themselves are also very comfortable with her, and she has many friends in the Vulcan Science Academy. Since "the Oasis" is located on the edge of ShirKahr's cultivated area, T'kin tries to warn unwary guests of the dangers of wandering around Vulcan's deserts at night.