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Used in Template:AltRoster and Template:Face List to create officer listings. Documentation as follows:


AltCrew is a template that creates a officer listing in Template:AltRoster, taking several optional parameters, and several mandatory unnamed options. The goal is to display a character in the roster. Contact User: Ceciri if you have a question. Template customized off of the various roster templates by User: Rich. This template is not standalone.


First parameter - Rank of the character.
Second parameter - First name of the character.
Third parameter - Last name of the character.
Fourth parameter - Uniform color of the character.
Fifth parameter - Post of the character.
Sixth parameter - Avatar of the character
Seventh parameter - The amount of pixels to move the template up. Negative values will move it down.
Eighth parameter - The amount of the pixels to move the template left. Negative values will move it right.
Ninth parameter - Zoom in on the avatar.


STYLE - the rank pip style
AVATAR - The actor used in the pips
SPECIES - the species of the character
SEX - the gender of the character.