Taryn Summers

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  • Full Name: Taryn Elise Summers
  • Race: 1/2 Terran, 1/4 El-Aurian, 1/4 Argelian
  • Rank/Position: Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet Intelligence, Ops and Analyst Specialist
  • Birthdate: 235208.11 (Looks early twenties)
  • Birthplace: New York City, USA, Earth (Sol III)
  • Telepathic Ability: Mild empathic and low-grade telepathic abilities.


  • Eyes: Exotic. Deep Green with flecks of brown and blue.
  • Hair: Brown, with golden blonde highlights.
  • Height/Weight: 5'3", 110 lbs.
  • Build: Petite, slim, athletic
  • Tattoos/Birthmarks: None Known
  • Voice: Bit of a Bronx Accent


  • Mother: Circya (El-Aurian/Argelian - Deceased)
  • Father: Alden Summers (Human)
  • Siblings: None Known
  • Significant Other: None
  • Children: None

Brief Personal Biography

She is the daughter to Deep Space 17's gruff station tech, Alden Summers, and deceased El-Aurian/Argelian hybrid, Circya. She has an upbeat, bubbly personality and is very outgoing and talkative (sometimes her chatter causes her words to bleed together, especially when she is nervous). She is also very confident, but is also a good listener. Her Argelian blood gives her an exotic appearance, her El-Aurian blood gives her a natural sense of time and understanding, and her Terran upbringing gives her a down-to-earth pesonality.

Taryn specializes in Security/Ops, Engineering and Computer technology, and is a skilled multi-disciplined martial artist.

Taryn has a unique relationship with her father. After her mother's death when she was a teenager, Taryn left her job as a beautician and model to pursue computers, to share a common interest with her father. It was the only thing that brought them together. She is also a skilled engineer, reveling in mechanics and how things operate.

She is highly intelligent and is currently a member of SFI.

Professional History

  • 2380 - Served on the USS Phoenix-C as a Cadet, while attending the Academy.
  • 238406 - Graduated the Academy, promoted to Ensign.
  • 238406 - Assigned to the USS Griffin as Security/Engineering Officer.
  • 2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Assigned as Assistant Chief Security Officer on the USS Griffin
  • 238504 - Transferred to USS Eagle as Ops/Computer Security Officer
  • 238605 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Operations
  • 238702 - Is enlisted by Starfleet Intelligence as an Ops Officer and Analyst.