Tallis & Toni's Marriage

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((Tiger's Den - USS Tiger-A))

::The chairs in the Tiger's Den had been moved to line the sides of the lounge. It had been the first step in the process of decorating what had been arranged with Sidney to be the location of the wedding. It was an interesting space, angular and geometric in its design; certainly it was a memorable venue for such a significant event. Festooned as it now was in pink roses and brightened further still by the light of endless candles, it was nothing short of magical in its appearance.::

::And in some ways, the room reflected Rhul's character. Angular, multi-faceted. Some sections of its architecture faced away from the light, obscured by other, brighter segments. It was Starfleet, yet not so traditionally starfleet to be instantly recognisable as such. As he stood in his wedding apparel, flanked by another man's son who he would more than willingly be helping to raise as his own, his thoughts lingered too long on the brother who would have dropped everything to be with him and to see him take these first steps into everlasting happiness. But that man was lost. He could only hope that he would be watching over them from his place in the Celestial Temple.::

Tallis: oO Prophets watch over you, Soban... Oo

Garth: Misser Tallus sad?

::He looked down to see two large eyes worrying at him. In recent weeks his connection with Garth had grown stronger, just as it had with Vee, and they had both accepted him in a heartbeat when he and Toni had told them that they were going to wed. When was it that he had become a part of their family? He thought back to the downpour in Lokesh city that had curtailed their first projected family day out. On the way home, there had been a water fight instigated by Vee's splashing through puddles, a cease-fire not forthcoming until they were all soaked to the bone. Maybe it had been then? Or maybe it had been always. Perhaps the Prophets' hands had seen to that.::

Tallis: ::Smiling at Garth:: No, Garth, not at all. C'mere.

::He wrapped the little page boy up in a warm hug, and felt his diminutive arms squeezing back. Releasing him after just a second, he straightened his collar, then ushered him over towards one of the seats at the edge of the room.::

Tallis: The guests should be arriving any time now. You better have a sit down now, Mister, or you'll be tired out!

::And so the toddler scrawled his way onto one of the comfortable surfaces, passing the time by attempting to perfect his Bajoran nose impression. Sometimes, he tried to push wrinkles into his nose with one of his fingers. Others, he tried to scrunch it unassisted. Rhul had half a mind to find some face paint and draw them on for him; the effort he was putting in to getting it right was nothing short of Herculean.::

::The guests arrived, one by one, Sidney arriving in their midst in excellent time. Rhul's nerves began to mount although he knew they were ill-founded. Were they nerves, or was it just excitement at knowing he was about to be wedded to his kindred spirit? Toni was the woman who had lit his path for him so many times before, who had always been there to love and comfort him. Now he would be there for her.::

::When the music started, Toni entered the Tiger's Den, and the first person she saw was Rhul standing at the end of the aisle with Garth beside him. The smile on her face broadened when Rhul's did, and filled with happiness and joy, she walked slowly behind Vee toward the two men in her life.::

::Giving Garth's hand a little squidge, Rhul squatted to whisper in his ear.::

Tallis: Doesn't Mommy look pretty?

Garth: ::pointing at her:: Purrddy!

::She was more than that, she was radiant. All of the hopes for the rest of his life lived within her, and he stood once more as she approached, feeling as though he could burst with all of the emotions stirring inside of him.::

::Reaching the platform, Rhul reached out to take her hand, and when they were side by side, he turned to face Sidney with her.::

::The Terran/Deltan Fleet Captain smiled at the two people who stood before her. They were both glowing and the room was filled with happiness and light that seemed to radiate off the couple.::

Riley: It has been said many times there is no greater power in the universe than love. Today, we come here to celebrate the love between two very special people whose love for each other shines as a light for us all to see, Antonia Turner and Tallis Rhul. Their wish to be joined together in marriage is honored today. ::She paused lightly and let her gaze fall on the children.:: Who is giving away the bride?

Vee: ::taking Garth's hand:: We gibbon Mommy way.

Riley: Very good...at this time, Antonia, Rhul please join hands and exchange vows.

Tallis: I spent a lot of time looking for people to call my family, for people to love, honour and protect. I joined Starfleet as part of that search and it led me to you. For that, I'll always be more grateful than words can express. Now that journey has ended, and I find myself surrounded by the most amazing people I could ever ask to have as a part of my life, I stand ready to start a new one with the woman I love more than life itself and her two wonderful children. With this ring, I thee take as my life's partner, to honour you as my wife.

Turner: ::showing her adoration for him in her eyes:: Rhul, I love you. Because of you, I can dream again. My dreams are filled with the joy of spending the rest of my life time with you, and only you. It's as simple as promising the rest of my days I'll spend by your side. To laugh with you and cry with you, to believe in you and support you.

Saint Exupery said, "Love does not consist in gazing at each other. But in looking outward together in the same direction." As our love dances through time and space toward the goals we set for our marriage, we'll be in each others' arms, cherishing every step of eternal love we share. ::Taking the ring that Garth held out to her, she placed it slowly on his finger.:: With this ring, I thee take as my life's partner to honor you as my husband.

::Vee stepped forward to Sidney and gave her a Bajoran chalice. She took the cup from the small child and then turned towards the couple. She held up the chalice for all to see before bringing it down in front of the couple. Moving gracefully she held it out to the couple. Rhul beamed in delight; he would have been happy enough with a human wedding ceremony to honour Toni's traditions but once again she had taken steps to ensure that things were shared equally between them, just as they always had been.::

Tallis/Turner: The Prophets have brought us together as one in love and respect. By the Prophets we will therefore abide for the rest of our lives, our paths intertwined as we walk onwards together. One life, one path, one pagh.

::Sidney stepped back as the two drank from the chalice.::

Riley: Ladies and Gentlemen, Ambassador and Missus Tallis Rhul.

::They kissed; it was a kiss like no other they had previously shared as it cemented their bond for all time. Then, holding the children's hands, they turned to face the company of guests.::

Tallis: The Tallis family would be honoured if you would all join us for a meal to celebrate our marriage.

Turner: ::smiling at Rhul:: Yes, please join our family for the reception.

Vee: Yeah, come moan, we hungry!

Turner: ::turning back to Sidney:: You too, and thank you for making our day so special.

::The Terran/Deltan nodded lightly to the woman at her offer of thanks. In all actuality none were needed. She looked at the two people before her as some of her closest and dearest friends.::

::The remnants of the Starfleet officer within Rhul warned him that what he was about to do stepped on several sections of the code of conduct as they were written in the officer's handbook, even in a situation like this. However, the larger part of his mind was now running on civilian standards and practices, and so he thanked Sidney with a friendly hug. Stepping back, he offered her his own words of gratitude.::

Tallis: Sidney, you've done so much for me. Inducting me into the fleet, helping me to grow as a trainer in the academy, being there for my promotion to captain and now marrying me to the most incredible woman in the galaxy. ::He couldn't resist flashing Toni an enchanted grin.:: I'm in your debt.

::The hug took her by surprise, but she responded in kind.::

Riley: Think nothing of it. ::She smiled brightly.:: I couldn't ask for two better friends.

Tallis: ::Smiling:: We count ourselves pretty lucky as well!

Turner: What Rhul said about you helping him, goes for me as well. You have been my mentor, and have helped me tenfold by setting a good example for me to follow. We are honored that you would preside over our wedding.

Riley: I am the one who is honored, in all my years as Captain this is the first wedding I've had the honor to do.

Tallis: Hopefully it's one you'll never forget.

::And hopefully their guests would remember it as well. It wasn't every day a Fleet Captain and an Ambassador got hitched.::

Turner: Well, you know that if you need anything, all you need do is ask, and we will be grateful for the opportunity to help you.

Vee: I be grateful for sumpin ta eat.

::Looking toward the tables, Toni saw the Tiger crew waiting for them to start dinner.::

Turner: Yes, we have guests to attend, and I'm looking forward to meeting more of your crew.


Fleet Captain Toni Turner Commanding Officer Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder


Ambassador Tallis Rhul Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder


Fleet Captain Sidney Riley Commanding Officer USS Tiger-A