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Complete Rewrite

I did a complete rewrite of this section, which removes the information about the CC, and also changes the number of people on the council. Please compare with the old version to get the full effect of the changes.

Regarding CAL voting

Rocar, you made some changes, but you had written into the CAL section a part that said that when there were 3 flag officers, the CAL vote was always included. However, this still leaves us with the problem that there may be a stalemate. (2 flag officers vote YES, 1 flag officer and CAL vote NO.) As such, I rewrote the section to drop the CAL vote in a 3FO/1CAL stalemate situation. --Wolf /talk page 16:32, 16 June 2006 (CDT)

Well spottedd

o) Thanks for catching that one... I'd deliberately taken those factors into account when specifiying 4 flag officers plus a CAL but had completely overlooked the 3 plus CAL aspect. You are of course right...a stalemate must be avoided at all costs.