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Here's a place to document and discuss Character Created Content relating to Betazoids and Betazoid Culture. Add a new topic for each new entry. Give some time for discussion/editing before posting to the Betazoid page in the ILI.

When adding things to the ILI, use the <ref> feature of the wiki that lets you put a footnote with a link to the sim where you first wrote or encountered whatever you've documented on the ILI. Here's how: after the post write this:

<ref> [link to sim with the thing being added "name of sim"], [[Character Page]], [[Ship page]] </ref>


Ambliz: A Betazoid puzzle game, similar to the old earth device Rubik's Cube. An ambliz is fist-sized, diamond shaped, with a rows and columns of small glass tiles of assorted colours. Rows and columns can be rotated vertically and horizontaly. Each individual tile can be flipped to reveal a different colour. The goal is to have each of the 8 sides of the diamond to be a uniform colour and each side to be a different colour. - Brayden Jorey

First appeared in the Sim Puzzles, Drinks, and Curiosity:

Jalara Fire

Jalara Fire: A Betazoid, alcoholic beverage made from the luciferase from an insect indigenous to the Jalaran Jungles. It is similar to fireflies found on earth, however their luciferase glows in iridescent pink and purple tones. The drink is somewhat thick, like olive oil, and causes a gentle warming sensation on the lips, mouth, and throat. Finally, the drink will cause the lips and mouth to emit a soft purple/pink glow. - Brayden Jorey

First appeared in the sim Experiements:

This could actually be added as it's own Memory 118 page. I think we have a category for beverages. ♣ Deliera File:Invicta Player Achievement-Well connected.png Chief of WOtalkforums 21:22, 18 May 2016 (CDT)
I just checked, it was added! lol I've added this to the Betazoid page with the title linked to the Memory 118 article for more detailed info. User:Brayden Jorey

Vada Painting

Vada Painting: A Betazoid painting created by the Vadas (Karawati Priestesses) in the tertiary temple in Mestara. The paint is derived from the anthers of the Chameleon Rose. When a sentient being touches the frame of a Vada Painting the painting transforms into abstract forms and the images and colours change according to the 'mood' of the person when the frame is touched. The image will remain until the painting's frame is touched again. - Brayden Jorey

This first appeared in the Sim One More Gift: