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  • Name:T'preen
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Mission Specialist
  • Current Vessel: USS Challenger
  • Date Assigned: 05-26-06


  • Species: Vulcan/Romulan
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 12/18/2355
  • Place of Birth: Vulcan
  • Appearance
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5'9

Family History

  • Mother: Sarna, Deceased 2380
  • Father: Tureen, Commander in Romulan Fleet, commanding Warbird Praxis.
  • Siblings:
  • Spouse:
  • Children:

Personal History

T'Preen was born to a Vulcan mother and a Romulan father. While on a scientific mission near the Romulan border, the ship her mother was serving on suffered a malfunction and drifted into Romulan space. It was in this period that T'Preen's mother and father met. T'Preen was born a short while later, shortly after her mother was allowed to return to Vulcan. As a child, T'Preen had little contact with her father.

Her Romulan side gave her problems controlling her emotions from a young age. Throughout her school years, she struggled to contain her emotions, and was frequently ridiculed by schoolmates for being too emotional. As she grew older, she began to work harder and harder on emotional control, and resolved to leave Vulcan to serve in starfleet, experiencing other cultures while at the same time hoping her difficulty at emotional control would go unnoticed among more emotional species.

Despite a few emotional incidents, her plan worked well at the academy, where she excelled at the science fields. After her posting to the fleet, her emotional control has suffered the occasional lapse. Although striving to present the image of a perfect Vulcan, she occasionally falls short.

Originally betrothed from Childhood to another Vulcan, the tumultuous relationship was eventually called off before the marriage could occur. T'Preen's demotion due to an emotional outburst was simply too much for her future husband's family.

T'Preen's body was taken over by a non-corporeal entity in the course of an exploration mission, and in spite of ridding herself of this creature, Ulli, she still has occasional contact with it.

On a recent mission, she was reunited for a brief time with her father, the first time she had seen him in over 20 years.

Professional History

T'Preen excelled professionally aboard the USS Ranger-A, Titan, and USS Morningstar. She has served as Chief Science officer, Mission specialist, and Chief Engineer during her postings in the fleet. Following a mission on Titan, T'Preen went AWOL to return to Vulcan, where her mother was seriously injured, and subsequently died. Upon returning to Titan, she was demoted for her unauthorised leave. Following this, she has had a spotless professional record, rising to the rank of Lt. Commander and regaining her Chief Science Officer post.

After a significant time at that post, she and another officer went AWOL in searhc of their former Captain. They were unable to locate him, and suffered demotion and transfer when they returned. T'Preen was transferred to the USS Challenger.

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Ranger-A, USS Titan, USS Morningstar
  • Awards Received: Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
  • Groups:
    • Challenger
  • Rank Upgrades
    • Ensign: 12-15-01, 08-20-02 (demotion)
    • Lieutenant JG: 05-12-02
    • Lieutenant: 03-07-03, 05-26-06
    • Lt. Commander: 04-02-02 (demotion)