Sylphie Shaphire

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Lady Sylphie is 22 years old, with long golden white hair, light bronze skin, and slim. She is 55 kilograms, and 1.73 meters tall. She has a golden flash across her eyes, through her ears and down her neck and shoulders, a little like a joined Trill.

Sylphie's family are from a noble cast but are right at the bottom of the ladder; they tended to continue with their lives without getting too involved with the landed gentry and the other royals which at the time of the Great Revolution probably saved their lives and kept them in good standing with the ever-more powerful middle classes.

The Shaphire are leaders of one of the only covens on Manaria United - Rania. The coven has had some troubles in the past over their odd practices and rather occult worship of the fielding, preferring some very old texts over the more recently written texts since the revolution. The Shaphire does not accept males into their ranks.

Sylphie's father was killed helping the prince to escape the planet, her mother was devastated by his death and committed suicide. This left Sylphie as the sole heir to a large estate and a substantial fortune.

She is conscious about the arrival of the off worlders but sees it as a chance to explore other worlds. As much as she loves Til'ahn she has dreams of flying into space on a beautiful starship someday.