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Stuvek is currently serving as a Crewman aboard the USS Darwin.

USS Victory
Position Marine
Rank Private First Class
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
Birthplace City of Khir Ahl, Kir province, continent of Na'nam, Vulcan


  • Height: 5'9" / 1.75 Meters
  • Weight: 173lbs / 78.4 KG
  • Hair: Black short
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Build: Atheletic but short for a Vulcan.
  • Handedness: Right


Stuvak was born into a tradition Vulcan family and is the youngest of two children, with a age difference of five years. Both of Stuvek’s parents are academics and have achieved Kolinahr, the advanced ritual to purge all emotion. His father has a double doctorate in neurology and psychology, while his mother is a historical researcher and part time lecturer at Khir Ahl University.

As a child and adolescent Stuvek was the subject of his father’s academic attention after a genetic marker was found in him during a routine medical scan. That genetic marker is shared with a small percentage of the population and, is theorised, that it can be used to predict those who how will suffer increased levels out of rage and emotional outburst throughout their life. Stuvek’s father even when so far as to write a third thesis on the subject which made correlations between the genetic marker and his Stuvek’s probable emotional state though adulthood.

At the age of twenty, Stuvek’s mother and father came to the conclusion that Stuvek would join the Starfleet Marine Corp stating to him that, ‘the path was logical for one who may experience the great rage of the ancestors and had the capacity within him to commit violence at the urge of emotions.’

Career Overview


Stuvek is a "by-the-book" type of Marine, and prefers to follow established protocols whenever possible. He is also partial to working alone or in very small groups. Stuvek does not enjoy the boisterous attitude of marines but will often associate with them while off duty out of a sense of solidarity. Unlike most Vulcans, Stuvek does not regularly mediate instead he prefers to read, enjoying both fiction and non-fiction, or to train unarmed combat. During his Marine training Stuvek found that he had a natural attitude for unarmed combat and continued his training after ‘basic’ and now only requirements short of being a certified instructor.

While he would not admit to it, Stuvek has some closely held resentment towards his parents for them questioning his emotional stability, the irony of this is not lost on Stuvek. Dispite the judgment from his father Stuvek has been able to keep his emotions suppressed aside for one occasion where he only embraced them a fellow recruit questioned his mothers breading.

Stuvek makes a conscious effort not to display the Vulcan characteristic or raising his eyebrow whenever something interesting or bemusing happens, stating that it is an unnecessary flamboyant display. Despite this, Stuvek does share the Vulcan characteristic for being cold and uncomfortable in social situations especially when with his fellow marines, where he will often chose to remain silent and in the background when uncomfortable.

Stuvek does not have traditional ambition but does want to improve himself to where he can do the best job possible and would accept promotion and increased responsibility as a logical by-product of this.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment Additional Comments
Private Basic Training
Private First Class USS Victory Marine