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Overview & Comparison of Starfleet Marine Corps Ranks

Starfleet Rank Insignia Comparison
Insignia Starfleet Rank Insignia Marine Rank
12-FltAdml-Red.png Fleet Admiral M11-FldMrshl-Green.png Field Marshal
11-Adml-Red.png Admiral M10-Genl-Green.png General
10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admiral M09-LtGen-Green.png Lieutenant General
09-RAdml-Red.png Rear Admiral M08-MjrGen-Green.png Major General
08-Commodore-Red.png Commodore M07-BrigGen-Green.png Brigadier General
07-FltCapt-Red.png Fleet Captain M07-Brig-Green.png Brigadier
06-Capt-Red.png Captain M06-Col-Green.png Colonel
05-Cmdr-Red.png Commander M05-LtCol-Green.png Lieutenant Colonel
04-LtCmdr-Red.png Lieutenant Commander M04-Mjr-Green.png Major
03-Lt-Red.png Lieutenant M03-Cpt-Green.png Marine Captain
02-LtJG-Red.png Lieutenant Junior Grade M02-1stLt-Green.png 1st Lieutenant
01-Ens-Red.png Ensign M01-2Lt-Green.png 2nd Lieutenant
W4-CWO4th-Red.png Chief Warrant Officer, 4th Grade MW4-CWO1-Green.png Chief Warrant Officer, 1st Class
W3-CWO3rd-Red.png Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Grade MW3-CWO2-Green.png Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Class
W2-CWO2nd-Red.png Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Grade MW2-CWO3-Green.png Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Class
W1-WO1-Red.png Warrant Officer MW1-WO-Green.png Warrant Officer
E9-MCPO-Red.png Master Chief Petty Officer ME9-SgtMjr-Green.png Sergeant Major
E8-SCPO-Red.png Senior Chief Petty Officer ME8-MstrSgt-Green.png Master Gunnery Sergeant
E7-CPO-Red.png Chief Petty Officer ME7-GSgt-Green.png Gunnery Sergeant
E6-PO1st-Red.png Petty Officer, 1st Class ME6-SSgt-Green.png Staff Sergeant
E5-PO2nd-Red.png Petty Officer, 2nd Class ME5-Sgt-Green.png Marine Sergeant
E4-PO3rd-Red.png Petty Officer, 3rd Class ME4-Cpl-Green.png Corporal
E3-Crew1st-Red.png Crewman, 1st Class ME3-LCpl-Green.png Lance Corporal
E2-Crew2nd-Red.png Crewman, 2nd Class ME2-Pvt1st-Green.png Private First Class
E1-Crew3rd-Red.png Crewman, 3rd Class ME1-Pvt-Green.png Private

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