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Starfleet Officer's Handbook

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Ranks in Starfleet follow a specific order, and are of three types: Flag Officer, Officer, and Enlisted. Enlisted crewmen are not trained in any command fields, and fulfill the mundane duties of a starship. Officers are trained for command, and it is assumed that some will someday reach the ranks of captain or above. Flag officers often fulfill administrative duties, and sometimes command task forces of ships. Promotions are awarded for quality of service, not for length of time served.

Flag Officer Ranks

Fleet Admiral

12-FltAdml-Red.png Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in Starfleet. Fleet Admirals have many years of distinguished service and an impeccable record. There are only 6 Fleet Admirals: the Judge Advocate General, the Chief in Command, the Commander Starfleet, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the Director of the Corps of Engineers and the Fleet Commander.

In UFOP: StarBase 118, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf holds the position of Commander Starfleet.


11-Adml-Red.png Admiral is the highest normal rank in Starfleet. Admirals have impeccable service records and decades of service. Flag Officers of Admiral rank are in command of all main divisions Starfleet with the exceptions listed above for Fleet Admirals. There are also 8 sector Admirals who are responsible for operations in their specific area, such as the Romulan Neutral Zone or Home Sector.

Vice Admiral

10-VAdml-Red.png Vice Admirals are Flag Officers who have a specific mandate, such as a subsection of a Division, or an area of space. Vice Admirals also command task forces. Most Armadas and Task Forces are assigned to Vice Admirals

Rear Admiral

09-RAdml-Red.png Rear Admirals are Flag Officers responsible for a limited and specific area for a limited time. Rear Admirals are usually promoted to Vice Admiral within two years. Rear Admirals may command major Starbases, Shipyards, Starfleet Bases on major worlds, or similar duties.


08-Commodore-Red.png Commodore is a naval rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. As a traditional grade, commodore is the most junior flag officer rank of a naval organization, under an admiral rank (usually under rear admiral) but senior to a captain. Commodores command groups of ships, as opposed to captains commanding single ships or units. In comparison to other ranking systems, this rank is equivalent to the military brigadier or brigadier general.

Commodore is a special rank for those who have commanded a ship for a total of five years across all of their ships, and is a rank given in recognition of completing their own 'five year mission'

Fleet Captain

07-FltCapt-Red.png Fleet Captain is a Starfleet title given to a senior captain with a different set of responsibilities than a starship captain. This could be thought of as a higher rank than captain, although it does not possess a permanent position in the rank hierarchy (a captain could also be directly promoted to the next highest rank, without spending time at a fleet captain posting).

In UFOP: StarBase 118, this rank is generally part of the normal rank structure. Whether or not it is a canon onscreen rank is of some debate.
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