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  • Location:
    • SYSTEM KKR-2260; stellar classification: A3 V, white dwarf - single star
    • stellar bodies: one Class J planet, orbiting at a distance of approximately 780 million kilometers, with 13 natural satellites and a small ring system of 3 rings.
  • Description:
    • 933 is constructed on a planetoid which orbits a system so near the forward edge of exploration it only has a number, not a name yet: System KKR-2260. There is only one large gas giant slowly orbiting a white dwarf, with about a dozen nominal moons, one of them being the rock on which 933 sits.
    • The system sits astride - right astride - the nexus of two major and six minor nav routes between the core systems and the 'front,' as Ehrud space is called. The major routes come from Federation and from Romulan space. Of the minor routes, two are from Ferengi and Cardassian space, respectively. A busy locale, if not an attractive one.
    • SB933 is a typical orbital design, but it hovers over a massive - and growing - spaceport city of the type which usually cluster near such protection, a city on the planetoid-moon. The city, called "Waystop Port," hovers under four domes with three more under construction, financed by non-aligned private interests of which Starfleet takes no official note. A busy place, with a transient population of nearly seventy thousand at a time.
    • The base itself consists of two parts, the original orbital station and the growing domed habitation of Waystop Port on the moon below. While the station itself is under Federation and Starfleet jurisdiction, Waystop Port is mostly privately owned, operated and financed. Being at the hub of several trade routes, the starbase is constantly under siege by starships, freighters, transports, and every other vessel type, requesting docking, repairs, resupply, shore leave and a handful of other excuses. It could be characterized as a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but somehow that sounds contrived.
  • Pertinent Characters:
    • Commander Harkinson, Commanding Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Neil Graves, First officer
    • Lieutenant Chan, Chief of Operations