Starbase 118 Inactive Ships Division

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Starbase 118 Inactive Ships Division
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The Starbase 118 Inactive Ships Division (ISD), a taskforce within the Fleet's Ship Systems Command, is tasked with reviewing ship-classes and the inactive ships within the fleet for current and/or future use. This includes possible use for future fleet active ships as well as permanent inactivation. This group is led by Fleet Captain Idril Mar.

Ship Class Categories

The ISD classifies existing canon ship classes into the following catagories:

  • Category 1: Available for fleet use.
  • Category 2: Available for limited fleet use. This might be for NPC ships or limited use as PC ships, but not as permanent commissioned vessels.
  • Catagory 3: Not available for fleet use. These ship classes usually are too old for use in the modern Star Trek timeline, but this category may include other ship classes that are deemed too experimental, too powerful or not appropriate for the current timeline.
  • Category 4: Not available for fleet use pending Executive Council approval.

Ship Classes by Name

Inactive Fleet Ships

The ISD classfies individual ships within its jurisdiction into 5 catagories:

  • Category B (CatB): These ships are inactive, but continue to receive upgrades and maintenance to retain availability for reactivation on short notice.
  • Category C (CatC): These ships are maintained as-is, meaning that, while they are not allowed to degrade, they do not receive updates or upgrades unless funding is left over after CatB ships are finished.
  • Category D (CatD): These ships are maintained as-is, pending alternative use by the fleet. The most common use for CatD ships is as remotely controlled targets, though some have been used for other classified purposes as well.
  • Category X (CatX): These ships are being held pending disposal. These ships will eventually be removed for scrap and do not receive any maintenance (exception: those on museum hold receive basic maintenance for basic life-support systems only),
  • Category Z (CatZ): These ships still contain classified or hazardous materials and as such are held under extra guard and receive some basic maintenance to safeguard the materials in question.

Fleet Inactive Ships by Name