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Tor Jolan

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Named after the famous composer, Ensign Tor Jolan is a male Bajoran geologist/hydrologist assigned to the [[USS Ronin]]. He lived on Bajor during the [[Cardassian]] occupation and was a member of the resistance during the final years, although he rarely talks about his experiences.
On the planet [[Rakis]], [[Synak]] threatened to reveal his dark secret, that he had actually worked as a collaborator for the Cardassians during the occupation of [[ma:Bajor|Bajor]]. Although at first she had tried to help him, Tor Jolan's paranoia drove him to murder her.
When the [[Ronin]] crew visited [[Earth]] for the wedding of Captain Mar and Commander Wilde, Tor Jolan slipped away on a transport bound for the Beta Quadrant.

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