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Kyo Seung-gi

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Lieutenant '''Kyo Seung Gi''' is a [[Human]] Starfleet flight operations officer assigned to [[Copernicus StationAmity Outpost]]. He accepts "Seungi" for short.
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* '''Affiliation:'''
** [[Starfleet]]
*** [[Copernicus StationAmity Outpost]]
*** {{USS|Veritas}} <small>(briefly)</small>
* '''Rank:''' Lieutenant
A cheery smiling type, not much appears to phase Seungi. He is a raging optimist, going out of his way to find amusement or joy in simple things, and thrives on travelling to new places and trying new things. While not the "best" or "ace" pilot on a ship, he is capable and gets the job done with few errors, though only so long as it can keep his attention. Because of this, his captains often have him participate in high-stress situations, as mundane tasks often result in Seungi's immediate boredom and inability to focus on what may be required.
Seungi has an intense love for hover-racing. He is a skilled driver and a self-confessed speed demon. Applying the skills acquired by racing hovercrafts to his Starfleet career brings him great pleasure, but he is often regulated to piloting shuttles or land vehicles.
Due to the detour to the Walhalla Lock, Seungi misses his transport to Copernicus Station. Under the authority of [[Kinan Venroe]], he remains aboard ''Veritas'' and serves as a temporary helm officer, piloting to [[Antor II]]. He serves as a temporary helm officer for ''Veritas'' as it travels to [[Antor II]]. He earns the ire of ship XO [[Sky Blake]] with a sarcastic remark.
While piloting the {{USS|Independence|B}}, Seungi becomes distracted and accidentally pilots the ship into an entirely avoidable object, damaging the ''Independence'''s deflector array. He fails to arrive in time to fix and re-align the relay, and is caught by [[Tristam Core]] participating in a race against [[Amity Outpost]]'s [[Terrellian]] representative, Cassa.
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