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'''Ensing Sirok''' is currently serving as a '''Engineering''' aboard the ({{USS|Thor}}).
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|AppearancePersonal Stats|Gold200|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>*'''Date of birth (Age):''' 236906.22 (27)*'''[[StarFleet_Serial_Number_Register|Serial Number]]:''' NV - 471 - 220*'''Species:''' [[vulcan]]*'''Gender:''' Male
* '''Height''': 1.75 m // 5' 9''
* '''Weight''': 87 kG // 192lb
* '''Build''': Athletic
* '''Mother''': T’Lil daughter of S’tvan (landowner)
* '''Father''': S'vek son of Sobok (landowner)
Sirok comes from a very traditional family, owners of a large amount of land dedicated to cultivation in the region of Kyr. As proud as a Vulcan can be of his family history. They have always been able to emphasize that they were faithful followers of the teachings of Surak having belonged to the Syrrannite movement. Most of them have always been linked to the Kyr region, the great exception being their grandfather Sobok, who served most of his extensive career as Captain of the USS Elcano, an old Excelsior class ship.
His efforts earned him a place as an advanced cadet in his chosen field, engineering. But he was able to spend a lot of time in solitude and be able to relate to other cadets or make contacts. <!--In the coding above, delete two of the headings so that only one remains. You can then type here as if you were writing on notepad to drop in some information about your character. If you want to use bullets, copy and paste the star above. You can also look on the forums and the wiki for tutorials on how to use more adventurous coding. Want to include sections for Background, Personality AND Career History? Just copy the code for the title bar above, then paste it in type in the title you want - you can add extra sections in too! /Personality/Career History-->
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|Service History|Gold200|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
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As soon as he arrived at the embassy he was informed that after a Romulan attack the chief medical officer, [[Addison MacKenzie|Dr MacKenzie]] had been abducted by two Tal'shiar operatives. Although it was all a distraction so a Romulan ship could get close to a large amount of protomatter inside the Typhon Expanse. While the marine team under Commander [[Geoffrey Teller|Teller]] was handling the hostage situation, Sirok was assigned as an engineer to the [[USS Thunder-A|USS Thunder]], which was to stop the Romulan ship. They travelled as fast as possible using the QSD. When the Romulans arrived, even with the ship badly damaged from forcing their machines to get there as soon as possible, they were extracting the protomatter. Ensign Sirok prepared a program to try to see what changes the destruction of the protomatter in the surrounding anomalies could bring about and the amount of power needed to do so. As a more peaceful alternative he offered to use the transporter to create instability in the antimatter by forcing the Romulans away. The plan was never put into action because an entity known as the Unknown mutated the gel packs and lost control of the ship. Sirok helped Commander [[Krindo Pandorn|Pandorn]] set up a parallel computer using a Runaboat for minimal navigation, as well as help diagnose the problem with the gel packs that [[Quen Deena|Dr Quen Deena]] was able to fix.
<h3>{{HeadingLCARS-bar-left|Awards & Service Ribbons|Gold200|COLOR=darkgoldenrod}}</h3>
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