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Embassy of Duronis II NPCs

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Notes: List includes active (simmed in last four months) NPCs. Removed MSNPCs (they belong on Mission pages), consolidated active Laudean characters as Embassy characters.
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A '''Personal Non-Player Character (PNPC)''' is a character you create for your own purposes and use regularly in the plot. For example, let’s say you’re the Chief Medical Officer on your crew, but there are no other real player characters in the medical department on your crew. You’ll need a few nurses to help you with the care of the crew, right? So you create a PNPC, let’s call her Nurse Jones, that you use to help with medical procedures. If you mark her as a PNPC (as opposed to just an NPC), you’ll be the only one who can write for her.
 =Mission Specific NPC List=The following is a list of Mission Specific NPCs and PNPC Characters used at the Embassy. <br>{{NPCRoster|SHIP = Mission Specific|{{Dept|Green|Argelians and Argelian Government}}|{{PNPC|Civilian|Shi'lar|Silver|Patient|Kaumari post-rescue.jpg|10|SPECIES=Argelian|SEX=Female|PC=Toni Turner}}|{{PNPC|Civilian|Varaal|Silver|Security Minister|Varaal.jpg|10|SPECIES=Argelian|SEX=Male|PC=Savan}}|{{Dept|Black|USS Ashoka}}|{{PNPC|Captain|Marina Zhao|Red|Captain|Capt Marina Zhao.jpeg|10|SPECIES=|SEX=Female|PC=Savan}}|{{Dept|Green|Orion Syndicate}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Quiana|Red|Empress|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Orion|SEX=Female|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Xoren|Green|Captain, Orion Vessel "Glory"|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Orion|SEX=Male|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Tauron|Green|First Officer|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Orion|SEX=Male|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Deka|Silver|Former Operator and proprietor of The Zone|Deka.jpg|10|SPECIES=Ferengi|SEX=Male|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{Dept|Purple|Romulan Republic}}|{{PNPC|Civilian|S'Karan|Silver|Subcommander|S'Karan.jpg|10|SPECIES=Romulan|SEX=Female|PC=Savan}}|{{Dept|DarkPurple|Romulan Star Empire}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Devok|Silver|Major|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Romulan|SEX=Female|PC=Savan}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Ethan Aerie|Silver|Ensign/Tal Shiar Agent|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Romulan|SEX=Male|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Koral|Silver|Commander|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Romulan|SEX=Male|PC=Savan}}|{{Dept|DarkGreen|Vulcan}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Staran|Silver|Captain|Staran.jpg|10|SPECIES=Vulcan|SEX=Male|PC=Savan}}|{{Dept|Blue|Zalkonian}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Toral Terek|Silver|Captain|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Vulcan|SEX=Male|PC=Hannibal Parker}}|{{Dept|Blue|Ewo and Vouaht}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Cremia Pal|Silver|Commander|Cremia pal.jpg|10|SPECIES=Vouaht|SEX=Female|PC=Brayden Jorey}}|{{No Link PNPC|Civilian|Emil Char|Silver|Captain|Roster-blank-80.jpg|10|SPECIES=Ewo|SEX=Male|PC=T'Lea}}}}  =Embassy Science Department Organization=The Science Department is divided up into six subordinate divisions, with a seventh, Archeology and History, operating under it's own Chief Officer, but receiving Admin support from the Science Department. Each Division is lead by a Division Officer and assisted by a Chief Petty Officer and a Lead Petty officer. Sub-Divisions are run by Staff or Warrant Officers. There are roughly 156 Officers and Enlisted that make up the Department with additional Civilian research groups residing in the Tower. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the staff and divisions. These breakdowns can be changed as necessary by the Embassy command staff. ==General Department Breakdown==*Officers: 10 Command (2 Chief Level, 6 Division, 2 Safety), 12 Staff or Warrant Officers for sub Division Groups.*Enlisted: 1 Senior Chief Petty Officer, 6 CPOs, 7 Lead Petty Officers, 30 Petty Officers, 90 Crewman*Additional Civilian research groups.*While not part of the department, the Tower houses a 5 person engineering group for day to day maintenance issues. ==Department Organizational Chart=====Administration Division===#[[Lorian Lovar|Chief Science Officer]]#Senior Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer (PO1)====Sections====#General Administration#Library#Computer and Sensors ===Physics===#Division Officer#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer====Sections====#Particle and Quantum Physics#Subspace Physics#Astrometrics/Astrophysics ===Mathematics===#Division Officer#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer====Sections====#Theoretical Mathematics#Applied Mathematics#Statistical Analysis ===Biology and Life Sciences===#Division Officer#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer====Sections====#Cellular and Molecular Biology#Botany#Exobiology#Quarantine Officer and Staff::*Responsible for maintaining Quarantine facilities for researchers who need to use them ===Chemical and Material Sciences===#[[Stennin|Division Officer]]#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer====Sections====#Organic Chemistry#Inorganic Chemistry#Material Sciences#Hazardous Material Officer and Crew::*See Quarantine Officer and Crew ===Classified Labs===#Division Officer#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer ===Archeology and History Department===While Technically in the Science Department, A&H generally operates independently with it's own Department Head level Officer, while sharing the main department's Admin facilities.#[[Iperia Sh’relis|Chief Division Officer]]#Chief Petty Officer#Lead Petty Officer====Sections====#Archives#Field Team  [[Category:Embassy Characters|*]][[Category:USS Thunder-Aof Duronis II]]
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