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Lael Rosek

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[[Image:Lael-Rosek-5.jpg|thumb|150px|right|Lael aboard the {{USS|Veritas}} (2395).]]
Lael transferred to the {{USS|Veritas}} on Stardate 239407.07 after the decommissioning of the {{USS|Za}}. When she, [[Chythar Skyfire|Chythar]], and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] beamed down to New Macau, the [[Antor II]] capital, they were shocked at the devastation they found. When they beamed aboard the ''Veritas'', they checked in with Captain [[Roshanara Rahman]] where they learned that rifts in space had caused disastrous earthquakes that had damaged many of the planet's dome environments and made them uninhabitable on top of leaving many people dead. Lael was assigned to work with [[Alex Blair|Alex]] and [[Luna Walker]], the ''Veritas'' Chief Engineer, to repair the domes. While they determined a more sustainable, longer term solution, they beamed down to establish temporary housing in some old mines that would protect the inhabitants from dangerous levels of tetryon radiation.However, they became caught in a cave-in. While Lael and [[Alex Blair|Alex]] escaped unharmed, [[Luna Walker|Luna]] and [[Anjar Thoran]] became trapped. Lael, [[Alex Blair|Alex]] and the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team led by Commander [[Kelrod]] and Lieutenant, Junior Grade [[Carter Greyson]] worked desperately to free the two trapped officers. At last, they were able to safely retrieve [[Luna Walker|Luna]] and [[Anjar Thoran|Anjar]] and transport them to Sickbay to be treated for their injuries.
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