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Geography and Climate
Leya-I has four climates:
These regions lie closest to the equator and experience temperatures ranging from 29 to 30 degrees celsius (83 to 85 degrees fahrenheit), seeing rainfall from 200 to 1000 cm (80 to 400 inches) per year. As a result, humidity is always fairly high (77% to 88%).
Trees in some areas grow in thick groves and can reach as high as 300 feet tall. Rope bridges have been discovered built into some of the thicker patches of trees, believed to be the ancient pathways their ancestors walked to keep safe from predators at night. These pathways are known as the Pontoj De Arboj, or the Tree-Walker Bridges.
Lying more toward the middle of the landmasses, these areas are characterized by hot, humid summers (22 degrees celsius and above) and mild, chilly winters (0 to 18 degrees celsius). In these regions (most often coastal), rainfall peaks in the summer with annual precipitation ranging from 75 to 200 cm (30 to 79 inches).
The Crindi Province is a small coastal region known for its succulent seafood, particularly a dish called Kornan Longoniŝa kuvon (Horned Longfish stew).
These areas are wetter and windier than low-lying areas, though temperatures decrease with altitude and weather conditions can change dramatically in as little as an hour. Particularly high peaks are covered in snow year round. The Ositana Mountain Region is particularly popular for recreational activities.

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