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==Deliera on the wiki==
I am currently restructuring pages located in the [[Intelligent Lifeform Index]], including shifting planetary information to pages in [[Stellar Cartography]]. No information has been deleted - it's instead been shifted or reworded in some manner. If you have any questions, head to my [[User talk:Sky Blake|talk page]]. If you have content you'd like to be added to a species page, add it (please cite your sources using the [[Template:References|references template]], especially if your content is in-sim).
*[[Template:ILI format]]
==Commonly asked questions==
====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====
This is short hand for "naming convention". If you see '''NC''' as noted reason for a page move, it's likely that I've moved a page that doesn't conform to our [[Naming pages properly|standard naming practices]] - often this is because it's using the old [Surname, Given name] format, other times it's simply because a page name is either misleading, too long, or players looking for it wouldn't find it very easily.
====Can I use other people's page structure/take stuff from other people's pages?====
''Yes you can.'' Feel free to "borrow" wiki code from whoever or whatever page on the wiki to set up a page how you like.
However, be aware that if you take code/content from somewhere other than the SB118 wiki, attribute the content to them or try to ask them if you can use it.
====What do your edits marked ''NC'' mean?====
This is short hand for "naming convention", in that I've moved a page originally using the Blake, Sky name format (which is now incorrect) to the modern Sky Blake format. Typing "naming convention" gets pretty old when you've done it over 30 times.
====How do I get the same thing on all pages without having to edit all the pages?====
====I created an ID subpage for an NPC but it's not working====
ID subpages require a specific template (which can be found [[:Category:ID subpages|here]]) in order to be correctly displayed on rosters - regular character bios don't workare not automatically translated for the roster. [[User talk:Rune Jolara|Rune Jolara]] may be able to help if you require further assistance.
====My character page uses the LastNameSurname, FirstName Given-name convention.====
This needs to be changed so your page can be linked through the roster templates (and its easier for your fellow simmers to include the page in their bios).
====Doctor Who?====
Doctor Who.
*After much consideration, I've decided that the 11th Doctor Matt Smith is my Doctor. He beat out Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant by not a lot.
**Ironically, 11 made it into the Star Trek comics.
*'''Favourite companions:''' The Ponds, Captain Jack Harkness

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