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Columbia Ship Specs/Astrometrics Laboratory

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Update of Specs
The newly refit astrometrics lab aboard the Columbia was redesigned to include a number of functions not previously included. The room is three stories tall, spanning decks 7-9, with the only entrance being on deck 9, where a walkway leads out into the center of the room and a small platform from which users generally 'start'.  *Special modifications to astrometrics allow for microgravity when enabled. This functionality allows users to work in multiple dimensions without the confines of gravity defined spatial orientation.*Holographic screens can be pulled up and moved throughout the working space as needed.*Data from any other lab can be pulled in and implemented in real time for users inside the room.*Voice and gesture commands enable users to do a number of things while in microgravity as well as from the consoles along the outer wall at the base of the room.
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