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Love, Marriage and Relationships
===Love, Marriage and Relationships===
The ethics of a Betazoid love relationship becomes a little more complicated when it involves another from a foreign race. Some other species do not understand in why a Betazoid would do thiscertain things; some Betazoids do not take in other mates, but some others will.
The typical Wedding Ceremony stays common with the norm, however, and it is based on a number of symbolisms. It is done in the nude, to mark that the past is the past and the bride and groom come into the union with no secrets; having, thus, nothing to hide. Spectators are encouraged to dress the same, but it is not mandatory. References of the ceremony in specifics are described in Peter David's book, ''Imzadi.''
It is also seen that the male gender take the female's last name, as the Goddess is the sign of the most dominant sex. However, it is not uncommon either to see the women to take onto a male's last name if he is of noble blood and comes from a House. However, if they both derive from Houses, then the male becomes a part of the females and takes onto him her surname. This all falls into the preference and actual religion of both parties, and is no way connected to the normalcy of Betazoid martial politics.

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