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Salty Dawg

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This restaurant replaced the "Roasted Targ" up on the promenade of [[StarBase 118 Ops|Starbase 118]], but some think it might be better located down in down in the "dungeon," in the bowels of the station. It has a "very different feel" from [[the Twilight's Edge]] or most of the promenade shops. The old "Roasted Targ" was run by a retired Starfleet officer, a Human, named Shamus Malone. The '''Salty Dawg''' is run by another Human, but this one is no former Starfleet Officer. Yuri Ramovich is a huge Slav with a broad smile but a rather 'checkered' past. The food is good, but there is a very evident "dark / edgy" feel to the place. This place is not "family friendly." You would feel ok about taking your girlfriend there, maybe your wife, but kids? No. Kids are probably not a good idea. The tables are made from laminated ship's hatches. It has the feel of being in the commissary on a non-aligned "free ship" out in space. There is no telling who will walk in or what they will do. There were many fights in the "Salty Dawg" until a new policy was instituted. After each "disturbance" the establishment's liquor license must be reviewed - which can take a week or more. During that period, they can't sell any alcohol at all. Since the law was changed, things have calmed down quite a bit at the "Salty Dawg." It is very popular with young officers because the food is modestly priced and the portions are enormous.
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