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'''Devron''' is a minor but busy tradeworld, an endpoint on the [[Devron Run]], in the [[Par'tha Expanse]]'s in the [[Beruna Province]]. A part of the [[Caraadian]] Empire this system is important due to its location on the border with the [[Valcarian]] Imperial Republic.
This planet and the system are part of the Caraadian Empire, controlled and governed by House Beruna. Until recently one of the minor houses, House Faloda which was aligned with House Beruna had the honor of governing this system for House Beruna.
In 229411.28 House Faloda defected to the Valcarian Imperial Republic turning over control of the colony and the space port to them. Once the Valcarians had been driven from the system and an investigation had been conducted those members of House Faloda's ruling class who had not perished during the retaking of the planet were tried, found guilty and executed for high treason.  Currently one of the minor nobles of House Beruna is acting governor until such time as a more permanent one can be assigned.
===Space Port===

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