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USS Columbia

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''Columbia's'' active service in support of StarBase 118 came to a violent end in 2390 when the ship was severely damaged during a [[Starbase 118 The Odyssey Project|mission]]. Extensive repairs were required, and Starfleet took the opportunity to refit the ship with upgraded systems and modules, including a new bridge module, expanded sensor capability, additional support craft, and other system upgrades.
On stardate 239107.14, Commander [[Ben Livingston]] took command of ''Columbia'' as it set out on a new mission of exploration. She was decommissioned on 239211.12 after After an ill-fated mission where Captain Livingston was grievously injured and transferred to Starbase 118 for medical treatment, Commander Brek temporarily took command and the Columbia flew for 2 more missions before she was decommissioned on 239211.12. She returned to Earth for repairs and upgrades before returning to StarBase 118 as it's primary support ship on 239309.18 under the command of Captain [[Sal Taybrim]] and Lt Commander [[Theo Whittaker]]

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