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Meanwhile Dr. Liani turned her scientific curiosity towards the problem of what to do with the weaponized tribbles, coming up with a unique serum that would nullify the inbred weaponized properties of the tribbles. However this miracle cure came with an unexpected side effect: it rendered all the tribbles bald!
Ensign Andersen closed in on her suspect as evidence all pointed towards Boris Malinov; but the dirty tribble breeder skipped the station before security had a chance to arrest him. With the tribbles cleared, contained and disarmed , and the affected patients in recovery the tribble convention was allowed to proceed and they . They had a very successful year despite all the initial troubles!
Dr. Liani decided to tattoo the bald tribbles, which were sold at the tribble convention as a collector's pet and became very popular. The initial 'test tribble' for the de-weaponization process was retained, and gifted to Commander Sal Taybrim. This tribble, named Moby, now sits on Taybrim's desk in a specialized cage that prevents him from getting free - or breeding!
| align="center"|Fresk Sondarlon is an alcoholic biologist with an unpleasant personality and checkered past. He is a specialist on animal biology, including tribbles and has the distinction of being a Denobulan with a personality so vile that two of his wives filed for divorce.
| align="center"|[[Madame Lurtz]]
| align="center"|Khobeerian
| align="center"|Trader and Merchant

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