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Common Terminology: reading around the page, it seems as if that is a typo... feel free to correct me though.
===Common Terminology===
*'''Genetic Bondmate:''' As some of Earth cultures, a mate can be prescribed to an individual at a very young age. However, with this type, much like Vulcans, the children can be psychically attached and eventually marry in an elaborate ceremony that is instigated with a ''Bonding Gift''. Though modern Betazoids typically do not marry genetic bondmates now, other than marrying ImazadeImzade's or Imzadi's. The sentimental connection to genetic bondmates is still a common practice though and preferred through the majority of religious and cultural divisions.
*'''Imzadi:''' This is commonly known in the Betazoid language as ''Beloved.'' It is meant and said to describe the first person that touches not only the Betazoid in full body, but in immaculate soul as well. It is the purest term to call the most dearest of hearts. The connection is usually exhibited and shared by both parties, Betazoid or other alike. It is considered a very special bond.
*'''Imzade:''' A term that is most notably describes the lover(s) in a Betazoid's life as, ''Secret Lover'', not to be confused with Imzadi. Imzade(s) are relatively common and come and go throughout. Imzades are seen more with the female population especially during the ''Phase'', in which a mature woman will take in a variety of mates.
===Love, Marriage and Relationships===

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