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Arrington, Simon

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Bio Update
|NAME = Simon Arrington
|SHIP = USS Charbydis
|RANK = Civilian
|PIPSTYLE = Slanted
|SPECIES = Human
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHMONTH = 0011|BIRTHDATE = 0002|BIRTHYEAR = 00002352
* '''Height''': 6'"2"
* '''Weight''': 82kg
* '''HairColor''': Gray * '''EyesLength of Hair''': Short* '''Eye Color''': Gray* '''Skin Tone''': Caucasian* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None* '''Build''': Tall and skinny* '''Face''': Curved but anguar* '''Carriage''': Reserved, straight back* '''Poses''': Hands clasped into fists held behind his back* '''Taste in Clothing''': High quality, always likes to look good* '''Handedness''': Left
* '''Quarters''': Deck 2 - USS Charbydis
* '''Favorite Room''': The Museum - Deck 2
* '''Habits''': Rings his hands when nervous
* '''Mannerisms''': Always relaxed, playful
* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': Spends most of his spare time reading, otherwise regulating the ship
* '''Likes''': Blood Wine
* '''Dislikes''': Cardassians
* '''Achievements in Life''': Captain of his Own Ship
* '''Disappointments in Life''': The one who got away
* '''Temperment''': Calm, playful, hidden bad temper
* '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''': Personality Type - INTJ
* '''Physical Limitations''': Dodgy left hand on account of boxing injury

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