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Gambytt Djordjevic

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('''Ensign Gambytt "Gam" Djordjevic''') is currently serving as a ('''Medical Officer''') aboard the ({{USS|Atlantis}}). (A table of contents will be automatically generated below this line - you won't see it in the edit window but it'll be right there once you save the page!)
* '''Height''': (Add your stats after each bullet point)6'0"* '''Weight''': 190 lbs* '''Hair''':Brown* '''Eyes''':Dark* '''Build''':Athletic and toned
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Cadet First Class|Blue}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Cadet First Class
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(201405239105.05)
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Graduated Starfleet Academy
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Science)
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Ensign|Teal|Slanted}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Ensign
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(201405239105.05) - (present)
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Atlantis}}
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Medical Officer)

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