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Alexander Richards/Family

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:'''Michael Dawson''' was born to Richard and Janet Dawson (nee Parsons) on the 15th of May 2322. He spent the majority of his early life growing up a shy, introverted young man in a leafy suburb of Montreal. He developed an interest in model building at an early age and his parents would obtain various kits for him to play around with, his most treasured of which was a 1:32 scale model of the USS Enterprise NCC - 1701 - B. Michael's personality issues made schooling the young child near impossible with his parents deciding to go the route of home schooling. On his {{age|2322|5|15|2330|5|15}}th birthday, with his personality problems not showing any improvement, it was decided that Michael should receive counseling. Very little progress was made at first but, by the age of {{age|2322|5|15|2335|1|20}}, Michael had become much more extrovert. He was able to make friends and enjoy a normal teenage life.
:'''Rather''' than attend high school, Michael applied for and was accepted on to a civilian apprenticeship scheme run by the Starfleet core of engineers (SCE.) During this apprenticeship, Michael was taught about the theory of structural engineering and the practical applications of said theory. Aged {{age|2322|5|15|2340|7|12}} Michael graduated from the apprenticeship program and moved to Chicago where he took up a job as a structural engineer. During a night on the town with his work colleagues Michael befriended a young woman by the name of Maria Gladstone who was studying at University to become a nurse. Two months after the initial meeting, Michael asked Maria out on a date which she accepted. This began their five fourteen year courtship.
:'''On''' S.D. 234508.13 Michael married Maria in a civil ceremony at a lavish hotel in Chicago. In attendance were Michael's mother and father, his work colleagues, Maria's mother and father and her colleagues from the Chicago Hope memorial hospital. The two had decided to exchange custom vows which they felt better expressed their love for one another than any preexisting vows they could find. Tragically this would be the last time either saw their parents alive again. Two days after the ceremony Richard, Janet, Marcus and Elizabeth were killed in a shuttle accident en route to the Niagara resort in upstate New York. An investigation would later find a minor defect in the shuttles navigation systems caused the shuttle pilot to fly some 3 kilometers lower than he should have been. The civilian shuttle company was reprimanded heavily with the corporate management fined for negligence and later jailed for manslaughter. It took a while for both Michael and Maria to recover emotionally from the tragedy but eventually they were able to start enjoying life as a married couple.

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