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Alexander Richards/Family

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Finished Harriet Richards
*'''Date of Birth''': 232901.17
*'''Place of Birth''': London, Earth
*'''Age''': {{age|2329|011|17}}
*'''Gender''': Female
*'''Occupation''': Astrophysicist
:'''Harriet Jane Samuels''' was born to Jason Samuels and Rebecca Samuels (nee Pugh) on the seventeenth of January 2329. She spent most of her early life growing up with her parents in a quiet suburb of London. With her father being the head chef at a world renowned London restaurant and her mother a lawyer, early family life tended to be broken up. Sundays were usually the only time the family had an entire day to themselves and Harriet's father, Jason, would always cook a traditional roast dinner to mark the occasion. In September 2334 at the age of {{age|2329|011|17|2334|099|055}} Harriet was packed off to the prestigious Sutton Academy Preparatory School (S.A.P.S.) to begin her school life. Although it pained both her parents to be apart from her, they wanted their little girl to get the best education possible. To begin with, Harriet was a little tearaway with little to no regard for authority. However by the middle of her first year she had settled down and begun to make friends.
:'''By''' the age of {{age|2329|011|17|2339|08|17}} Harriet had shown great promise as a student and was studying in the most advanced courses at her school. She showed a particular affinity for the sciences and impressed her teachers with her questioning nature. It wasn't enough for the {{age|2329|011|17|2339|088|17}} year old to see the end result and accept it. She had to know why the end result happened. Harriet's early teenage life was very quiet. She was mildly attractive but had no real interest in boys except as friends. Her first Romantic encounter didn't happen until late 2346 at the age of {{age|2329|011|17|2346|12|12}}. In the summer of 2348, Harriet graduated at the top of her class in all subjects from her secondary stage education and had already been unconditionally accepted to University.
:'''In''' the autumn of 2348 aged {{age|2329|011|17|2348|099|044}} Harriet began her studies in Astrophysics at University. Whilst attending a seminar on <nowiki>'Mixed species marriages: The hidden dangers.'</nowiki> she met her future husband, Gary Richards. The only reason Harriet attended this seminar is because she had been attracting attention from a few Bolians and the odd Trill who had opted to study at the same University rather than one on their own world. Over the rest of her course, Harriet would increase her knowledge to the extent that her final paper titled <nowiki>'Binary star systems: Natural wonder of the galaxy.'</nowiki> would earn her recognition from some of the greatest minds in the field. T'Pok, a highly respected member of the Vulcan science academy commented that: "Harriet Jane Samuels shows a wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of binary star systems and the wealth of resources that might be found within them. Her logic is flawless and her conclusion that <nowiki>'Binary stars have the potential to become a great source of dilithium, and other finite resources'</nowiki> warrants further investigation both by civilian scientists and Starfleet."<br>:'''Harriet''' graduated at the top of her class in the summer of 2352 aged {{age|2329|1|17|2352|6|21}}. She was immediately offered an internship at the <nowiki>'Alpine astrophysics research laboratory'</nowiki> which occupied the former 20th and 21st century research laboratory known as CERN. Her work there included monitoring results from various micro black hole projects being performed in a controlled holodeck environment, cataloging data being returned by various research stations and long range probes throughout the federation and learning how to apply the theory she learned at university to any and all data gathered in the working environment.<br>:'''{{age|2352|6|21|2357|9|30}}''' years later, Harriet would receive a job offer that was impossible to refuse. The heads of the scientific research facility on Tycho, the Lunar colony, offered her a position as an astrophysicist. Although she was enjoying her work in Switzerland, there was far too much prestige attached to the position on the Lunar colony to refuse. At the end of September 2357 her bags were packed and she made the short shuttle trip following a party in her honor to wish her well. Her colleagues spoke well of her and to this day, she remains friends with and in touch with them. With regards to her new job, the best was yet to come. Within days of arriving, she had a chance meeting with a former acquaintance, Gary Richards. The two began courting and were married on Stardate 235805.22.<br>:'''With''' their son, Alexander, beginning his own journey at university in 2379 Marissa and Gary refocused their energies on their work. In 2388, Harriet and Gary became the lead researchers in their chosen fields and now have numerous interns and researchers underneath them. They are recognized throughout the Federation as excelling in their fields and often find themselves aiding Starfleet in various research projects.
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