Sokarn zh'Kuujn

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Sokarn zh'Kuujn is a 35-year-old Andorian zhen who runs the operations of the Cobalt Clan as the head of the organization on Donova IV.

Though uncharacteristic of someone of her criminal record, she initially led a bookish life as a record keeper for Donova IV's primary shipyard. Her intimate knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the shipyard made her the perfect candidate to provide the clan support for their smuggling initiative. Following her predecessor's retirement, zh'Kuujn won a vote by the clan to serve as its new head.

zh'Kuujn is touted as being a fair but outspoken individual who isn't opposed to speaking her mind. Despite clearly being active in a criminal organisation, her ties with Donova's most respected organisations are based on mutual respect and equity where all parties benefit from a transaction. Members of the Cobalt Clan are not seen as typical Andorian buffoons, but as a high-class organisation with an undoubtedly shady business model consistently sponsoring local events and legitimate initiatives. It is perhaps for this reason why she has yet to be apprehended by the planet's law enforcement, nor are there many (if any) prosecutors waiting to take her down.

In 2398, she was the event organizer for the "Battle of the Bands" cultural event on Donova, although behind the scenes, she was using the music festival as a front for her illegal exotic animal trade/smuggling operation.