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Lieutenant Commander Skye, a Changeling, is retired chief engineering officer aboard the USS Caledonia.


  • Full Name: Skye
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Changeling
  • Date of Birth: unknown (has been in the Alpha quadrant for 157 years)
  • Place of Birth: Founder Homeworld, Gamma Quadrant
  • Gender: Variable, usually female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: variable (usually 5'10)
  • Weight: variable (usually green)
  • Hair Color: variable (usually blond)
  • Eye Color:




Skye was originally sent to the Alpha Quadrant as a scout for the Dominion, 157 years ago. Since then she has lived on Romulus, Earth, Vulcan, Betazed, Bajor, Qo'noS and countless other planets. In this time she has grown to love the varied cultures and emotions of the "solid" species. When she learned the Dominion was ready to invade, she defected to the Starfleet Academy and swore to do her best to defend the Alpha Quadrant.

Skye tends to avoid revealing herself as a changeling, and prefers to take on the appearance of the locals. She is an experienced shapeshifter who is capable of mastering new forms, and has cut down the amount of hours she needs to regenerate to 3 hours but uses this skill, only in emergency situations as using this over long periods will weaken her considerably.