Sirah Golova

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USS Veritas
Sirah Golova
Position Security
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Pythron
Gender Female
DOB 237409.09
Age 23
Birthplace Pythro V

Veritas NPCs
About the Writer

Crewman Third Class Sirah Golova is a 23-year-old Pythron security aboard the USS Veritas. She joined Starfleet in 2393 and she’s assigned to the Veritas after the academy asked her to be posted to the Veritas that will be operating in a zone that will make good use of her skills and training on Pythro and what she’d learned on the time she’d been working as crewmember for Starfleet. Following the honor feelings from his people heritage, she accepted and boarded the Veritas, being assigned to security under Lt. Tuk. However, Commander Plevix asked her to join the SAR team after seeing her in action one time and she accepted as she felt that it will be even more interesting serving on the SAR team and will bring more honor to her and her family.

Pythron female