Shiyada Kimie

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Vital Statistics

Name: Shiyada Kimie
Rank: Crewman, 1st Class
Position: Nurse
Assignment: Starfleet Medical
Species: Terran
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black, shoulder-length hair
Build: Petite
Skin Tone: Oriental
Place of birth: Kyoto, Japan


Kimie is a friendly, cheerful young woman of particularly small build and height. She is not outstandingly attractive, but there is a kindness in her face and a sparkle in her eyes that makes her not unpleasant to look at. While she has a gentle disposition, Kimie can tend toward the bossy when it comes to patient care, both with the patients themselves and other medical personnel.


A bubbly young woman with a keen sense of adventure and compassion, Shiyada Kimie eagerly signed up for Starfleet as soon as she completed her training as a nurse. She served with Chief Petty Officer Kael Tam on board the USS Eclipse, and the pair were transferred to the Triumphant, and later Starfleet Medical, together.

Kimie follows Japanese tradition with regards to naming, and thus her family name is placed before her chosen name.


  • Age 18 - Began training as a nurse.
  • Age 21 - Qualified as a nurse, entered Starfleet Academy.
  • Age 22 - Graduated and posted to USS Eclipse.
  • Age 23 - Promoted to Crewman (2nd Class)
  • Age 25 - Promoted to Crewman (1st Class) Transferred to USS Triumphant. Later reassigned to Starfleet Medical.