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USS Constitution-B
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
STO Blank Yellow.jpg
Position HCO Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Vulcan
Gender Male
DOB 236909.01
Age 31
Birthplace Vulcan
Writer ID C239904SV2

Ensign Serok is currently serving as a HCO Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B.


  • Height: 1.9304 m
  • Weight: 102.05 kg
  • Hair: Black, short and straight
  • Eyes: Blue


  • Father: Sonvon of Vulcan
  • Mother: T'pamak of Vulcan
  • Brother: Tolath of Vulcan
  • Sister: T'Kana of Vulcan (deceased)
  • Marital Status: Betrothed at age 7.
  • Children: None


Serok was born to full blooded Vulcan parents, but he has always been curious about the stars and exploration. While out on an excursion against his parents; wishes, Serok and his child sister T'kana were stalked and hunted by a wild Sehlot. Serok tried to protect his sister but she was attacked brutally by the wild beast and killed. Serok forever blames himself for his careless behaviour that led to the death of his sister. Serok's much older brother Tolath had chosen a career in Starfleet over his father's objections. Being a dutiful son, Serok enrolled into the Vulcan Science Academy where he spent six years studying the intricacies of several disciplines of science from exbiology to astrometric phenomenon. His instructors at the Science Academy found him to be profoundly curious in the duality of most things in nature. However, his interest in science took a backseat when he met Lt. Commander Paul Lassiter from the U.S.S. Potemkin, Serok developed a keen interest in Flight Control and studied to be a pilot in his twenties. Lassiter, being a friend of the family, showed Serok his piloting skills. With fascination and intrigue Serok found himself drawn to Starfleet. Serok maintained his standing in the Science Academy until he realized that Starfleet would be a much better career choice for him. However, convincing his father took some doing because his father did not see the need for both of his sons to serve in Starfleet. However after Serok displayed his father his talents as a pilot. Realizing that he had a natural talent, Serok was able to convince his father that Starfleet was the better choice for him than the Vulcan Science Academy.

Serok’s Starfleet Academy years were faced with the usual proving ground attitudes that cadets engaged in, but Serok was interested in the elite pilot program. Serok made connections to meet Captain Sateltek and gain his sponsorship for honors pilot programs Starfleet offered. However, being a relative of Serok's the Captain made sure that Serok also took credits in science courses that would allow him to serve in the Science department should he so choose to. Yet, Serok stood up to the much senior officer and he convinced him that his only interest was to be an elite pilot. In the end, however; he agreed to get certified in science and flight control. A rare combination for a cadet, but Serok felt the need to honor his family's wishes as well as serve his own desires. He spent his Academy years serving on an elite flight squadron within Starfleet Academy and also gained a reputation as a competent scientist. Serok presented his academic record from Starfleet Academy where he received Honors in both flight control and science. His father finally agreed that Starfleet was where his son was meant to be.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
STO Cadet1st Yellow.jpg
Cadet 2395 - 2399 Starfleet Academy
STO Ensign Yellow.jpg
Ensign SD 239904.11 - Present USS Constitution-B
Helm/Comm/OPS Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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