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Sb118 senya.png
Position Spacer
Rank Blank
Species El-Aurian
Gender Female
DOB 17544.17
Age 647
Birthplace El-Auria

Senya is an El-Aurian spacer, using her talents as an assassin, spy and smuggler. She's sworn her loyalty to Azera, one of the remaining clan leaders of her culture.

Like many El-Aurians, Senya was born on and grew up on El-Auria, in her case as a member of the Eccian Venoja clan. She is considered high-blooded, coming from a family close to the main Venojan bloodline. In her first life she was an explorer and field agent of the Venoja, using her enhancements in the pursuit of knowledge. In the wake of the Borg takeover, however, the Daughter she followed is missing and most of her species is scattered, assimilated, or dead. Senya followed the path of the other survivors - fleeing across the Delta Quadrant to the relatively peaceful Alpha and Beta quadrants and trying to find family, friends and loved ones there.

And like so many, she failed. Left alone in the universe, she sought out what remained of the Eccians, and through Jakarn found one of the Daughters - Azera, the Daughter of Cantavi. She found her on Cestus III in 2318 and swore herself into her service, as the only authority Senya would recognize.

Since then she's been Azera's right-hand woman, her eye in places Azera doesn't have the time to go, and her spy. Senya has silently followed many people across the galaxy - including Taelon after he ran away. Originally tasked with his return, she is still confused as to why Azera changed her mind, and slightly upset on that front. Her interest is not entirely professional; as a reward for her loyalty and willingness to fly into danger without question, Senya was promised him before he was born, a considerable honor given his blood status.

This being Azera, however, Taelon has not been informed of this, and knows Senya only by name.