Sawyer Moore

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USS Constitution-B
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Sawyer Jackson Moore
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237406.12
Age 24
Birthplace San Francisco, California

Ensign Sawyer Moore is currently serving as a Security Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B. ((He is a PNPC played by Ravenna Carter.))


  • Mother: Elizabeth “Liza” Quinlan
  • Father: Mason Moore
  • Sibling(s): Ravenna Carter (Half-Sister)- Though they met in a less than ideal way, Ravenna and Sawyer are quite close. Ravenna is six years his senior. She has quickly jumped into the big sister role and has taken to harassing him and being the typical big sibling.
  • Relationships with his family: He is still very close to his father, but upon learning what his mother did to Ravenna, he has decided to remove her from his life for the time being. He can't figure out how Ravenna is so calm about the situation because he has had his world flipped upside down.


  • Defining features: He insists that he wear glasses and he has a scar that runs through his eyebrow from falling off his bike as a kid.
  • Personality: When dealing with friends or individuals who are not suspect, Sawyer is very warm and friendly. He likes being friends with everyone. Sometimes he comes across as inexperienced and like he doesn't know what he is doing. When he is talking with people, he has to physically restrain his hands to prevent himself from fidgeting. He never stands still. He has not handled the betrayal of his mother well. He likes to drink and is very "free love". It is hard to picture him as an authority figure or a security officer. He finds this funny.


Sawyer was born to Archaeologist parents in Elizabeth Quinlan and Mason Moore in San Francisco, California. His mother was very hands-on during his childhood and was very supportive of everything he wanted to do. His father took him for different self-defense classes and introduced him to the world of Starfleet. This sparked his interest in all things Starfleet and ultimately led him to his role as a Security Officer aboard the USS Constitution B. His graduation from Starfleet Academy was one of his proudest moments and he was overjoyed to have shared it with his parents.

His father got a job at the university so that he could stay home with him. His mother continued to work on digs throughout his life. She never stayed gone for long and managed to be home for all of the major events in his life. His high school graduation was noted to be Elizabeth’s most proud moment.

When he was thirteen, he found pictures in his mom’s closet of a little girl, but he never asked his mom about him. He did ask his dad, but Mason didn’t want to talk about it. Sawyer didn’t bring it up again. At age 22, while on the USS Constitution-B, he was faced with the grim knowledge of who the girl from the photo was when he came face to face with her for the first time. He learned that his mother had had an affair that ended her marriage to Ravenna's father and he was a product of the illicit relationship. He watched in horror as her mother admitted to never wanting the girl and going as far as to justify abandoning her at such a young age. Mortified that he got the life she was deprived of, he sides with Ravenna and follows her out when she leaves the room. Despite how they met, Ravenna is accepting of him and acknowledges that none of that mess had been his fault and she was happy to have a brother.

Sawyer takes part in the rescue mission of Xatrac and feels very out of his element since he was working with the engineers rather than security. He has had a very hard time processing what he saw on the planet and even questioned if he belongs in Starfleet. He knows that was one of his first real missions and it is normal to feel out of your depth during such a disaster, but it still doesn't sit well with him. He was happy to see his sister get promoted afterwards and has enjoyed shoreleave. He is trying very hard to move past the carnage he saw in the aftermath.

Sawyer broke his ankle and tore a muscle doing a Cannonball off from a waterfall while in shoreleave on Endassi. Ravenna was able to heal it, but he still milked the injury for attention by making it look like it happened during a mission.