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Civilian Sammie Ecehart, a Terran, 14 year old boy on the USS Avandar


  • Full Name: Samuel “Sammie” Gitten Ecehart
  • Current Rank: Civilian
  • Race:Terran
  • Date of Birth:237507.14
  • Place of Birth: Starbase 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: none


  • Height: 5’ 3”
  • Weight:130 lb
  • Hair Color: dark brown
  • Eye Color: blue


  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none
  • Parents
    • Father: LT. jg Samuel Dave Ecehart
    • Mother: Lt Rebecca Gitten Ecehart
  • Siblings: none

Personality Profile

  • Quarters: family quarters
  • Favorite Room: holodeck
  • Habits: Dislikes getting up in the morning for school. Then rushes around the quarters getting ready. Normally puts things off to the absolute last minute. Has developed a talent for getting things done quickly, however. Much the the chagrin of his parents, who are engineers and like things done orderly.
  • Mannerisms: Rushing to and fro about the ship.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: none
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: time on the holodeck
  • Likes: having fun and working on the computer.
  • Dislikes: Homework and rules.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Just to get off the ship and go to school or secondary school, anywhere than Starfleet. Would like to be a computer tech, the only class that he likes in school other than gym class.
  • Achievements in Life: Once won a award for a holo program he submitted under a fake ID.
  • Disappointments in Life: Feels that his parents did not give any time in one place. He has lots of friends spread all over the quadrant. But every time he makes new friends the parents uproot him.
  • Temperament: A bit brass and mischievous. Trying to shine with two driven parents, who are very focused in their work.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): none. Just does not like the highly structured life on a starship.
  • Physical Limitations: none. Likes sports of all types and could really care less about science.
  • Weaknesses : Poor personal skills with adults and other kids his age or younger. He has tried to bully a few of them around, and comes on a bit strong.

Personal History

Sammie was born on Starbase 23, and while his parents have been in Starfleet for a long time. He has been shuttled around the posting, never staying in any one place more than 2 years. Sammie was going to live with his grandparents on Earth, but for some reason, it did not happen. His parents while both star fleet officers, have normally had assigned to bases and other Federation distant outposts, this is a rare assignment for both of them. The parents are respected in their field “Gaseous anomalies” but Sammie finds it ever ever so dull. He is a good, but not great student. He does excel at computer programming and has been known to reprogram federation computers when extremely bored. He loves writing holo programs and had gotten in some re editing holoprograms.

Sammie was very upset that his parents agreed to the assignment on the Avandar. They had talked about taking a research position at StarFleet on Earth and then resigning their commissions in 2 years.

He has cause some problems with the few kids on board the ship, trying to show them up and has been a bit of a bully to some of them. He just wants to have some fun, and most of the postings he has had little or no interaction with other kids. He is still very upset with his parents with their decision to stay in Star Fleet and the assignment on the Avandar. In some respects there are so many opportunities on the ship compared to most of the places that he has lived.

Recently he has been doing his school work with Ensign Maxwell, Percival.