SIM:LtJG Devar: As The World Falls Down

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((Main Engineering / Somewhere...))

::For one split second, Alana could see her whole life flash across her mind, flowing with instantaneous memories. Images were coming and then going just as quickly. She saw her family, her days on Vulcan, days at the Academy... She was reliving her whole life in short, simplistic seconds. The warmth that she had felt before had dissipated and abandoned her. Everything seemed to grow cold until...::


"Alana, come here. There's something I have to show you."

::A familiar voice graced to her ears. Devar had seemingly forgotten everything. All she had remembered last was her mother still boasting about Arista's studies. Often times such conversations would elude Alana. Her parents were iron-fisted when it came to the ethics of study, and being the second eldest and middle child she found herself often fighting in some sort of cold war with her older sister. A battle of wits, sibling rivalry...although the two would not admit it, it was apparent even through the translucent barriers they had built. The youngest, a son by the name of Galwyn would tease them of such. It would bypass Alana, but Arista would encourage the bantering.::

::Her mind trying the place the last words and images she had seen, Alana slowly walked down the hall of the Devar house on Betazed. It was elaborate enough and her mother wouldn't have it any other way. The brunette followed where the voice had come from, and well aware it was strange she could not hear her father's thoughts sweeping into her psyche. Stranger still, the way things were arranged were slightly differed as well.::

::The descent of the stairwell, while still graceful and spiraling, was painted a light beige other than the silver she had recalled. Pictures on the wall were arranged differently. Alana had only recalled childhood portraits hanging, but now there were ones of the children older...of Alana graduating at the University of Betazed. Somehow, that did not make sense.::

::Finally, Devar had found the voice. It was of her father, sitting proudly in one of his chairs in the living space. He motioned over to a comfortable chair just adjacent from him. Alana complied in a zombie-like fashion, making her way over and sitting down.::

Alana: This...

Devyn: (cool and casually) This doesn't make sense, does it?

::She only shook her head, allowing the dark tendrils to sweep past her narrowing brown eyes.::

Devyn: (grunting) It is not suppose to. This is the way it's supposed to be though. Inducing blissful ignorance as a way of eternal happiness.

Alana: (cocking an eyebrow) What do you mean?

::Devyn only smiled lightly, his fingers fidgeting against the fine threads of his ambassador shirt. He begun to round the tip of his index finger on a button's small, golden surface. Still, she could not sense or read anything from him...and she could only gather the same from him when it came to her. Silence boiled until his cool voice chimed again.::

Devyn: you know of Carmen?

::Carmen. Carmen...the name did not hold any bearing to her as a child, or her latest memory. However, the name was familiar.::

Alana: (looking at him questionably) Carmen Rogers?

::The name just seemed to flow past her lips, unbeknownst yet still known. Devyn nodded.::

Alana: Who is she?

Devyn: Your sister.

::Alana thought a moment and became instantly confused. The only sister she had known was the zealous and spunky Arista. Arching an eyebrow, she begun to bite on her lower lip.::

Devyn: No, I am not kidding. There are things now that you do not understand, but they exist within the temporal threads of the universe. Arista is your full sister, yes this is true. But, deep inside you will find your knowledge of Carmen...from another... (pausing) Existence.

::Her mind began to bubble an image of Carmen. The woman's short dark hair and crisp ruby red lips was shown as in an another light. She was also of a taller stature than Alana, but just as slimly built and comely. Alana felt an indescribable connection. Perhaps this was her sister, although that would raise more questions than answers.::

Devyn: (continuing) It does not make sense now, but deep inside you do know it's there. It is the universal way.

Alana: You're right. This does not make any sense what so ever.

Devyn: Nor is it meant to. Look, Alana, you do not belong here. You belong with Carmen, with Makra and with your ship.

Alana: Makra...?

::She did not recognize the name. Her father only smiled, the slight wrinkling of his face becoming visible in doing so.::

Devyn: Yes, Makra.

::Alana blinked a few times, consuming all of this confusing information. She instantly felt lonely, cold and disturbed.::

Devyn: They are the most important beings in your life right now. You have not any knowledge in the impact.

Alana: Then why am I here? Whatever this place could be...

::Her scientific mind escaped past her thought processing. There wasn't any logical assumption that she could come up with. Just more confusion and rising frustration.::

Devyn: You will only know when you see him again...

::Everything then became static-screened. Alana began to feel dizzy once again. The Devar family living quarters streaked away in mere vertigo, replaced by darkness and a bone-chilling coldness.::

((OOC: Here's where the madness begins. She's awaking slightly, still incoherent and almost insane -from the Sebation emissions. This will certainly be short-lived, but have fun just the same doctor. Or, the Fletch ;-p))

::It was then, her eyes began to flutter open to see disgruntled and unshapely figures hovering over her. Alana could not make them out, or the voices buzzing distastefully in her psyche. It was like her mind was an unknown phenomenon, capable of immense gravitational abilities. All the minds seemed to suck into her thoughts... This hadn't happened for such a time that she had almost forgotten the maddening consequences that came with it. Simply put, she could not screen...even when she tried.::

::Bursting with a sudden surge of strength from her straps, Alana began to fight and flail her arms about, screaming and becoming hot.::

Devar: (halfway incoherent, drunkenly) No! !

::The figures persisted, antagonizing Alana to a boiling degree. Thoughts coursing, she felt compelled to fight back even more ferociously. She attempted a nerve pinch on one, but was stopped by the conscience still hovering like a ghost in the back of her mind.::

Devar: The star serpents, you cannot harm them!

::Confusion. That was all she sensed now. Confusion in its purest form.::

Devar: Blood!

::She was obviously not talking in her own train of thought, but from those that flooded into her mind. Alana was unaware, however, that blood was indeed trickling down from her nose and nearing the fullness of her lips. She fought blindly against the many hands that held her down, when suddenly she felt something injected into her arm. Everything went black once again.::

LtJG Alana Devar