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| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Previous sim<br>[[SIM: Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii - Intentioned Messages|<font color="gold">Intentioned Messages</font>]]
| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Previous sim<br>[[SIM: JP - Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii and Lieutenant Commander William Rogers - Dealing with Difficulties|<font color="gold">Dealing with Difficulties</font>]]
| width="40%"| <font color=#ffcc99>'''Lieutenant [[Ehlanii, Karynn|<font color="gold">Karynn Ehlanii</font>]]'''<br>'''Counselor'''<br>'''''[[USS Independence-A|<font color="gold">USS Independence</font>]]'' NCC-1776-A'''</font>
| width="40%"| <font color=#ffcc99>'''Lieutenant [[Ehlanii, Karynn|<font color="gold">Karynn Ehlanii</font>]]'''<br>'''Counselor'''<br>'''''[[USS Independence-A|<font color="gold">USS Independence</font>]]'' NCC-1776-A'''</font>
| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Next sim<br>[[SIM: Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii - Old Friends and Counselors|<font color="gold">Old Friends and Counselors</font>]]
| width="30%"| <font color=#ffcc99>Next sim<br>[[SIM: JP - Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii and Lieutenant Commander Ethan Brice - Same Old Tree|<font color="gold">Same Old Tree</font>]]

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Karynn sorts through her feelings toward Lt. Cmdr. Rogers and then begins to deal with the bombing of DS17.

((Karynn's Quarters, USS Independence))

::Karynn sat in quiet. It felt like the first time in a while that she had just sat and thought about things and listened to music. The Haliian music, a small taste of home, washed over her in waves. She didn't often get homesick, but today, she missed Halii, and her family, terribly. Perhaps it had something to do with seeing that poor woman, with helping her.::

The Haliian had beamed back directly to sickbay with Ms. Ellens. And, after passing on what she knew about the woman's condition, Karynn had simply sat by her side for hours. Ethan was, as usual, busy keeping the ship running. And something told the counselor that she'd need a friend when she woke up.::

::The doctors in sickbay had done a marvelous job. Despite the loss of Doctor Calhan, the physicians assigned to the Independence were stellar. It had taken days of dermal regeneration treatment, but the radiation-scorched skin was beginning to look almost normal again. And at least now there wasn't any half-eaten, half-burned skin hanging off the woman's frame. From a psychological perspective, she was beginning to get some footing in the real world again, after numerous appointments with Karynn. All in all, the Haliian counselor was pleased with the progress that had been made.::

::Her mind moved to another counseling appointment she'd had, one with Lt. Cmdr. Rogers. He had also been making significant progress.::

((flashback, Conference Room, Inn on the Moor, Whitby England))

Wilde: I'll give you one last chance...join me.

::Karynn pleaded with him silently.::

Ehlanii: oO Don't do it, Ethan.Oo

Brice: Never.

::Her relief that he wouldn't turn on them was quickly replaced by horror as there was a struggle and a phaser discharged taking down pieces of the ceiling. Her eyes grew wide and she watched in horror, rooted into place, as people moved and the large antique chandelier in the conference room came down, pinning Ethan. Her scream came at the same time that "Danny's" did.::

Wilde&Ehlanii: Ethan!

Maria: Lieutenant!

::The rest of the room faded into a blur. All she could see was Ethan, pinned under a chandelier. Was he ok? Slowly her "paralysis" lifted and she lept up, trying to think of the fastest way to get to him. In her haze, she could hear Maria's orders as she climbed across the table to him.

Maria: Adair! Ehlanii! Wulfram! Sarion! Get the lieutenant out of there and get all of you out of here! Thelev, Illium, Valis, stop them going that way or harming the others! Rogers and Kolk with me!

::She couldn't think clearly. All she wanted was to get him out from under the chandelier and make sure that he would be ok. She muttered over and over to herself.::

Ehlanii: Ethan. Please be ok. Please be ok. Please be ok.

::As she got to his body she could hear Wilde relate his evil plan to Lt. Cmdr. Maria. Hopefully she would be able to sort through it. But she had to get to Ethan. She began tugging on the chandelier, silently pleading for it to come off and for Ethan to be alive. ::

Wilde:... I assure you the results are... not pleasant.

Ehlanii: Someone help me, please.

((flashback, Bridge, USS Ronin))

::The CTO took his own phaser and joined the Andorian Lt. Commander. As they moved toward the turbolift, a small explosion near the turbolift lit up the bridge, sending the two security personnel guarding it sprawling backward. The Chief of Ops knelt next the unconscious female.::

Thelev: =/\= Computer, emergency medical transport! Crewman Carr. =/\=

::Blue light surrounded the enlisted woman as she disappeared from the bridge.::

Rogers: Here they come!

::The Andorian fired at one of the short dogmen, but at the same time, Karynn saw a disruptor beam flash out from the turbolift. Lt. Commander Thelev stumbled backwards.::

Thelev: Wha..?

::As Karynn watched, the CTO went into a frenzy, firing shots, and ultimately throwing in a grenade. The explosion that resulted rang in her ears long after the light disappeared. She smelled the sickening scent of burnt flesh. It was all she could do to keep from vomiting. She sank into her chair, face white as a ghost, stunned.::

((present time, Karynn's Quarters, USS Independence-A))

::The man had apologized for both incidents. And she had told him that she accepted. On the surface she had. He hadn't intended to cause her the pain and grief that he did, and he had been working to change. He said he was sorry, he was a colleague, and he was dating her friend. For all of those reasons, she could not wish him ill. But she still wasn't sure she trusted the man. There was a violent streak in him, one that she wasn't convinced was under control. Could a streak like that ever be fully under control? Would he ever be truly "safe"? Perhaps it was as he said. A weapon that had killed was never the same. She hoped for Sarion's sake that his passion and fire could be put to good uses and kept away from the bad.::

::Her thoughts drifted to the crew she served with. It still wasn't the same, but it was getting better. Commander Cody had made her feel more at ease. Rogers, Sarion, Ethan, Commander Maria, and Captain Mar were all familiar faces. Commander Moranta had seemed to respect her opinion more during the last mission. Even the new ensign seemed nice, if a little odd. It was too bad Commander Calhan had left...::

::She missed the old ship, and she especially missed Ben and Ro. She had checked her messages. They still hadn't gotten back to her. She even missed Danny...::

Ehlanii: oO I bet she misses Danny too. I can only imagine what that would feel like...Oo Computer, where is Captain Idril Mar?

Computer: Captain Mar is on the Promenade of DS17.

Ehlanii: Thanks.

::Karynn pulled on a light blue long-sleeved soft shirt and comfortable dark blue pants and headed off to the station.::

((Promenade, DS17))

::Karynn could see Captain Mar through the opening to Twilight's Edge. As she approached, she noticed that the woman was talking to someone else already. Karynn's face fell. It seemed as though every time she even thought about talking with the Trill she was busy. As she contemplated going in and getting a nearby table to wait until she was done, Karynn noticed the Captain talking on the Comm system to someone. Soon after, the Red-headed Trill was on her way out the door. Again, Karynn considered following her, but figured that would look a little too much like she was stalking the other woman. Instead, Karynn figured she'd do some shopping and perhaps find something nice for Ethan.::

::And yet, having made just that decision, Karynn found herself unable to decide which shop to enter. She stood staring at the myriad of shops available and couldn't begin to think of what she might want to get Ethan. oOMight as well just browseOo. The closest shop to her was an antique shop: The Old Curiosity Shop. oOIt's as good a place as any. And Ethan does like old things.Oo She headed inside.::

::She hadn't been wandering through its aisles for long when the station lights flickered, the deck beneath her shuddered, and the atmospheric pressure suddenly dropped, accompanied by an almost deafening noise. She could hear screams from the promenade. Reaching for her communicator, she was almost surprised when it activated.::

Cody: =/\= This is LtCmdr Cody to all Independence and DS17 Personnnel! Stand by for emergency beam out. =/\=

::Almost immediately she felt herself engulfed in a haze of shimmery blue. As it disappated, she heard a voice asking everyone to step down. She looked around as she stepped forward, soon realizing that she was standing on a transporter pad. She rushed off with one thought firmly in her mind.::

Ehlanii: oOWhat the heck is going on?Oo

::A uniform would have to wait. People were arriving and rushing off the transporter pad. Karynn hurried into the hall, and was glad to see that she was on the Independence. She bolted for the closest turbolift and called it. She wasn't sure where Ethan was but she hoped he was ok. When it came, she stepped inside with a few others.::

Ehlanii: Bridge.

::The lift hummed to life and, after a few stops, it opened onto the Bridge. Karynn stepped out and looked around at the moderately-controlled chaos.::

Ehlanii: Lt. Ehlanii reporting in. How can I help?

Lt. Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Independence-A

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