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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Lael and Anjar's "Drinking Buddy".

((Next Day, Rosek Home Backyard))

::Lael massaged her temples. She had a hangover fit to murder her. One drink had turned into a dozen and had resulted in her getting kicked out of said bar. Thank God Anjar had showed up like she’d asked or she would have been stranded. As it was, she hadn’t gotten home until 0300.::

::Jansen looked at Lael as he handed her drink to her. He had of course been waiting up for her, and ushered her into bed to get some rest before she could do any more damage so she could sleep it off.::

Orrey: Still feel like hell?

L. Rosek: ::grimaces:: Yeah. Wish Anjar had stopped me at six. Tequila sucks.

Orrey: Not if you are careful.

L. Rosek: ::snorts:: When have you ever known me to make good choices when it comes to alcohol?

Orrey: Or listen to me when I'm trying to help you? Not often but you'd think you'd learn eventually.

L. Rosek: ::sighs:: I needed to blow off some steam. We lived in hell for a year, Jansen. I nearly died...twice.

Orrey: And I was crying over your corpse each time, while bringing you back. You don't see me getting out and drinking myself into a fish tank do you?

L. Rosek: ::bitterly:: Thanks for the reminder. And in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not you.

Orrey: :Smiles: It isn't my fault you thought the bar’s fish tank was a phone booth.

::She glared at him, half tempted to kick him in the shin. If only her legs were working properly, she’d knock that smug look right off his face.::

Orrey: ::Jansen looked around some.:: So point out some people to me.

::Lael sighed. That was Jansen. Master of “ooo, look shiny!” type of distractions. She opened her mouth to do just that when a familiar face caught her eye. She tensed as he stepped through the crowd toward them, smiling wanly.::

Berel: Hey. I wanted to apologize again for the other day.

::Jansen smirked a little and sipped his drink. At least it seemed like he wasn't the only one who couldn't take two steps without pissing her off. Whoever this person was seemed to be a little deeper in trouble though.::

L. Rosek: ::growls:: What the hell are you doing here?

Berel: Rebecca invited me.

::It was like a punch to the gut. Did she know?::

L. Rosek: Well, I’m uninviting you. Leave.

Orrey: So, who is your friend?

::Jensar opened his mouth to respond when he was interrupted by Rebecca hugging him.::

R. Hollendale: Jensar! I’m glad you could make it!

Berel: ::beams:: I’d never miss a chance to see my best girl. ::glances at Lael::

R. Hollendale: Hold that thought. I’ll get you a drink. I’ll be right back.

::As soon as she was out of earshot, Lael turned her gaze on Jensar.::

L. Rosek: ::scowls:: I’m not your girl, Jensar. You had no right.

::Jansen stood quietly to the side and watched. For now Lael was handling things fine and didn't need any help.::

Berel: Weren’t we just reminiscing about the good old days? ::smirks::

L. Rosek: ::blushes:: I said leave. I don’t know what you’re up to, but I don’t like it.

Berel: ::murmurs to Jansen:: Lael here was quite a wild one in bed… ::turns to Lael and winks:: Isn’t that right, darling?

Orrey: That isn't much of a topic to bring up in the middle of a family gathering is it?

L. Rosek: ::glares at Jensar:: When did you turn into such an ass? Or were you always this way and I just didn’t see it? What a stupid naive girl I was to put you up on a pedestal.

Berel: ::feigns hurt:: Ouch. Is that any way to talk to your ex-husband?

L. Rosek: Exactly. Ex.

::Jansen stood by, that was the connection then. Although that begged the question as to why he was here.::

Berel: Come now, dear. I’m sure there’s still a spark. ::grabs her arm:: Give us a kiss.

L. Rosek: ::growls and jerks her arm free:: The only thing you’ll be kissing is my knuckles when they knock your teeth out.

Orrey: :Jansen stepped between them both.:: That's enough of that now.

Berel: ::stays focused on Lael:: You seemed to enjoy it well enough yesterday.

::Lael froze and tensed.::

L. Rosek: ::slightly panicked:: You kissed me and I seem to remember pushing you away and telling you no, that I was in love with someone else.

Berel: ::smirks:: Not right away…

Orrey: ::Jansen stepped directly in front of the man, since they were of equal height he made certain Jensar was looking at him.:: That is enough. Now. No more.

Berel: ::smirks:: How quaint. Going to defend her honor, are you?

Orrey: No you damn fool I'm keeping her from killing you.

Berel: I can handle her fine. ::jibes:: Do you know how many beds she’s been in before yours? Maybe you should think about that before you get too involved. She’ll just ditch you like she did me.

::By this point, several people were looking on curious.::

Orrey: Maybe she will. But that isn't your business. The best chance you have is to leave now.

::Lael swallowed roughly, her chest tightening. Did Jansen really think that little of her?:: <nowiki>::Jensar opened his mouth to retort only to receive a mouthful of fist, knocking him onto his back. He gazed up at Lael stunned.::

Orrey: ::Looking down at him.:: Lady said leave. Best be on your way Sewer Rat.

L. Rosek: ::rasps:: I should have done that years ago.

::Jansen turned slightly, and pulled Lael close to his side. His body was shaking, vibrating. It wouldn't be noticeable to anyone but Lael or anyone else he touched. In all the places to be having an attack this was probably simultaneously the best and worst one.:: <nowiki>::Jensar was standing slowly, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth, blood covering it.::

Berel: You crazy bitch.

::Jensar reached for her arm, but never quite grasped it.::

::Jansen growled as his free hand shot up and wrapped around the man's throat squeezing tightly as he took two steps away from Lael pushing him in front of him. He turned the tips of his fingers inward so that he wasn't just choking but digging his nails in as he pulled Jensar up to him, nose to nose and locked his eye on him. Looking into the black eyes of the Betazed man, Jansen smirked the absolute most sadistic thought he could have entering his mind. He let his own sharply defined mental walls fall and exposed every ounce of the absolutely spinning whirling chaos inside his head loose on the man growling again and squeezing before shoving as hard as he could to send him tumbling across the yard.::

::Jansen pounced and looked down at him again palming the side of the man's head and again opening his mind up so that the kaleidoscope of colors and emotions blaring at warp 9.9 was open to the Betazoid man.::

Orrey: ::Growling quietly.:: Leave. Now.

::Jensar gasped, overwhelmed. His head literally felt like it was about to explode. He tried to shut him out, but the emotions were too strong.:: Berel: P...plea… ::claws at his hands:: L. Rosek: ::tugs at his arm desperately:: Let him go! He’s not worth it! Please! Let’s just go. <nowiki>::Jasen rolled back on his heels releasing the man but staying in a low crouch next to Lael’s hip, his head down between his shoulders watching Jensar the way a predator does prey for any flinch of a wrong movement.::

::Jensar struggled to stand, his eyes wide as he stumbled away, rubbing his throat.::

::The blood pounded in her ears as she reached out a tentative, shaking hand to touch his shoulder, he was actually vibrating against her touch,shaking at a speed that nearly made her fingers numb. She gasped, the look in his eyes as they met hers had her stumbling back a couple of steps, barely keeping her balance.::

::Jansen shook his head and raised his walls up again as he rose to his feet and straightened his vest. He flicked his eyes to Lael before he closed them and took a deep breath letting it go slowly, as his mental defenses locked back into place and he cleared his throat. Opening his eyes with a smile he turned to her and nodded his head.::

Orrey: Excuse me a moment. I need a drink.

::Jansen turned and avoided the gaze of everyone else and turned to start toward the house.::

::In that moment, Lael did something she’d never done to him--she turned and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction.::

::Jansen stopped when he heard footfalls and turned to look in her direction. Seeing her running away from him, his shoulders slumped and he hung his head. Turning and walking back up the steps to the porch and the back door he put a trembling hand on the door pull, trying to keep a tense control over the muscle spasms as he opened the door and vanished inside. He would make a quiet exit and return to San Fran. To the offices he had been allowed. If she thought him a monster best not to scare her so he set aside what he needed to and left her a small note.::

K. Rosek: ::shouts:: Lael! ::But she didn’t stop.:: ::turns to find Rebecca approaching:: What the hell was that?

R. Hollendale: ::shakes her head:: I don’t know. But I think there’s more to what happened out there than they’re telling us.

((Mini-Time Jump, Rosek Home))

::She stepped onto the porch an hour later shivering from the chill. It had taken her a good half hour to process what had happened and what she’d done. She turned the handle carefully to slip upstairs and find Jansen to apologize.::

((Bedroom, Rosek Home))

::Her throat tightened when she noticed all of Jansen’s things gone and a note lying on the bedside table. She picked it up with a shaking hand and read it.:: //Lael. I am sorry I scared you today. By the time you find this I'll probably be in transit back to Command. However. If you will take the PADD to the hospital, I have detailed instructions for a quick and painless way to reprogram your nanites to keep you from hurting any more….just like I promised. I'm sorry again to have scared you. You know where I'll be if you need me, for now it's probably better for me to be away until I get a good grip again....Jansen <nowiki>::The news stole the breath from her lungs. He was gone? Her chest heaved as the tears spilled over. Worrying her lower lip, she rushed to her monitor.::

L. Rosek: Computer, show the soonest shuttle flight to San Francisco.

::In seconds, she had it booked and began jamming her belongings into her duffel.::


LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey
USS Gorkon