SIM:Lael Rosek - The Surgery Part II (Gorkon)

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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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Author's Note: Takes place after Lael’s “Family Reunion of Sorts, Part II”
Author's Note 2: For CD in order: Reflections > Family Reunion of Sorts > Now

((Surgery Room, Sickbay, USS Gorkon ))

:: She immediately got to work, her focus renewed. She moved quickly to extract the spinal column, which Chythar placed into the replicator and activated. The new one was formed within moments, and CD quickly passed it to Dassa. ::

:: It was delicate work...the first such surgery she'd ever performed. Shaking the thought from her head, she finished placing the spinal column back into place. She then activated the machine that would fuse the column into place. ::

:: Chythar watched, and managed to keep his nervousness at bay courtesy of the meditation he did a few hours earlier. His calmness surprised him, and he made a mental note of it for a future log entry. Even Dassa shared his worries, and froze early in this procedure. They’d talk about that later. ::

:: For an hour, she stood unmoving as the machine did its work. She finally started to relax, believing the worst to be over when she heard it. A sharp pain filled her chest, leading her to fear she was having an anxiety attack from the stress just as the alarms heralded another crash. ::

Alexander: o0Damn it! Not again.0o Another 10 milligrams! :: She charged the cardiostimulator, setting the machine for 3.5 megajoules. ::

:: CD nodded and applied another 10mg, dejavu once again striking him, sans spine. He didn’t freeze. He was worried, yes. Somehow, he managed to keep it off his face. He was managing well, despite the circumstances. ::

Alexander: ::murmurs:: Stay with me, Lael. ::aloud:: Clear!

:: Once the charge was applied, he checked Lael’s vitals again. ::

:: Dassa's heart dropped when nothing changed. ::

Alexander: :: rasps :: Again!

:: Deja-vu times three. This was just not his day, but he could not afford to panic. He didn’t get time to panic. ::

Skyfire: Increasing to 5 mj’s. Clear.

:: As he applied the shock, it seemed like each cardiac arrest was a bit more prolonged than the last, the same as it was with Quinn’s. He hated the sensation of deja-vu and wanted it to go away. ::

:: Dassa covered her mouth to stop the sob even as the tears started brimming over. A more intense shock could kill her. They were already pushing it. The limit should have been 3.5. ::

Alexander: :: swallows roughly :: Again at 5.

Skyfire: :: whispered :: Stay with us, lass. C’mon…

:: The prolonged agony was getting to Dassa, and he could tell. He refused to let himself panic, and another shock at 5 mj’s was administered to Lael’s system. ::

Alexander: Clear.

Skyfire: Please tell me that worked… :: He was feeling the stress now, his calm only kept at bay by his promise to her that they’d pull her through this. ::

:: Dassa exhaled sharply, her head dropping to her chest. ::

Alexander: She's gone, Chythar.

:: He refused to accept that. There was no way he would let himself accept that. He wasn’t sure if his telepathy was even compatible with her, but wanted to try it anyway. ::

Skyfire: ~Don’t do this to me, Lael. Come back to us.~

Alexander: ::takes his hand and murmurs:: The empathic bond. I felt it happen.

:: Chythar would not allow this to happen on his watch. He wasn’t about to lose her. ::

Skyfire: Ah’m going to try shocking her again.

Alexander: ::shakes her head:: Don't do this to yourself. It was a long shot from the start.

:: He didn’t want to believe this. He refused to believe this. No chance he would lose her. ::

Skyfire: Not an option. Clear! :: and gave Lael another shock. ::

:: Dassa was so lost to her grief that she almost missed it. One steady beep...then another...and another. This time, Dassa couldn't stop the tears of relief that flooded down her cheeks. Regaining control of her wits, she began the process of closing up the incision. ::

:: Chythar breathed a sigh of relief also. A load of tension released from his shoulders. He just saved another life, even if every cell in his mind refused to believe it. ::

Alexander: :: murmurs :: We're not out of the woods yet. Let’s get her into recovery.

:: He agreed, and assisted in deactivating the support frame before moving her to one of the recovery rooms. ::

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gorkon, NCC-82293