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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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OOC: Takes place after Lael’s “The Surgery Part II” OOC2: For CD, Family Reunion of Sorts > The Surgery > Now

(( Sickbay, USS Gorkon )) (( Rosek’s Private Recovery Room ))

:: Chythar sat alongside his friend with his guard dropped, so that if she attempted to reach out to him he’d wake up. The lines on the biobed monitors were jagged but steady, showing that she was stable and recovering. He wanted to make sure she was capable of entertaining visitors before alerting them to her consciousness. It had been two days since the operation, maybe three. CD was dozing nearby, and had been taking shifts with Dassa to see if Lael would regain consciousness. On the one hand, he’d done the Lazarus thing again, for the second time in the span of a month. On the other hand, she hadn’t regained consciousness yet. ::

Alexander: ::lays a hand on Chythar’s shoulder:: You look exhausted and you haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. I can take over for a bit.

Skyfire: Hm? :: He blew a strand of hair from his face. :: A’right…

:: He had just the faintest hint of reluctance as he got up and headed off toward the table of snacks to obtain a plate of scones and some coffee, debating the logic of heading back to his quarters or staying here with his friends to ensure Lael was okay. ::

Alexander: You need real food, Chythar. I can have them bring something up from the Mess and you can sleep on the bed in the next room.

Skyfire: :: softly, a hint of Russian forming in his words. :: I’m fine.

:: He was a terrible liar. And even worse at it without shields. His sense of loyalty was overwhelming his logic. Looking back over the procedures he’d done in the last week and a half, he realized he couldn’t keep substituting coffee for sleep as he tended to. It was stressful enough to see if Lael would regain consciousness after his stubborn refusal to give up on her. ::

Alexander: I’ll wake you if anything changes. But you need to eat and rest.

:: He bit into the scone and remained by the door, not wanting to move. He also hated using the line “I’m fine” but this was one of the times he felt he could make an exception. ::

::Dassa frowned.::

Alexander: o0Stubborn son of a--0o I’ll relieve you of duty if I have to. She’s not going anywhere. ::grasps his face in her hands:: I know what you’re going through...but if something happens you need to be at your best. You can’t help her if you’re hungry and exhausted.

:: It wouldn’t be the first time he’d been threatened with it. He swallowed the mouthful of scone and met her gaze, his voice deadly serious with a mix of Russian and Irish brogue. ::

Skyfire: Ah wasnae with the freezink durin’ surgery… :: He paused and felt his gaze soften slightly. :: …fine.

:: He took two steps backward and went to his office, at the very least to freshen up before making his way out of sickbay. ::

::Dassa sighed as Chythar left, a grimace crossing her lips. They were both stressed. It had been going on three days since Lael’s surgery. Though her biosigns were steady, she hadn’t shown any signs of waking. She slid into the chair beside Lael’s bed, taking her friend’s hand in hers.::

Alexander: Hey. We almost lost you there, love. ::brushes stray strands of hair back from her forehead:: Thank God you came back to us. For a bit there, I didn’t think you would. ::smiles wanly:: Chythar refused to give up, though.

::Dassa blinked back tears.::

Alexander: If you’d died in there it would have been my fault. ::bitterly:: I froze up. I’ve never done that. And the first damn time has to be in the middle of one of the most important surgeries of my career. ::sighs:: I don’t blame you for not wanting to come back. It’s going to be a hard recovery. It’s going to be painful.

::She studied Lael’s sleeping features for a moment before continuing.::

Alexander: Do you want to know a secret? ::chuckles humorlessly:: Although I don’t suppose it’s much of a secret. ::murmurs:: I’ve loved you from the moment we met...though I don’t think I recognized it for what it was at the time. I know you love Jansen and that nothing more will ever be between us, but I had to say it--to recognize it so I can move on. ::smiles wanly:: I’m starting to let go now. I have Tobian...and I pray that you’re able to patch things up between you and Jansen. He has his faults, but he’s a good man. He’s hurting and he needs you. Don’t give up on him.

::She paused, leaning down and brushing a kiss against Lael’s forehead.::

Alexander: ::murmurs:: Please wake up.

((Mini Time-Jump, Sickbay, USS Gorkon))

::Elina sighed. Both her and Becky kept nodding off. Neither of them had really slept much over the last three days. They were too focused on Lael. Elina had seen Chythar storming around Sickbay, the stress clearly getting to him. She motioned Becky over to the nearby biobed and the older woman, sighed and grumbled as she made her way toward it. Elina, meanwhile, moved to Chythar’s office where he’d been holed up for a few hours now.::

(( CMO’s Office ))

:: Chythar was back here, nearby with his shields once again dropped to the point where Lael could reach out to him if she came out of it. He was busy doing paperwork, and didn’t notice at first that he had a visitor. After a swig of coffee, he stood up and motioned for her to join him. ::

Skyfire: ‘Allo, Becky.

Kincade: ::shakes her head:: Nae, lad. Wrong lass. Elina Kincade.

Skyfire: :: facepalmed. :: Sorry. Rough few days. Care to have a seat?

:: The Scot slid into the chair across from him, arching an eyebrow and gazing at him quizzically. ::

Skyfire: :: resuming his seat. :: What’s on yer mind?

Kincade: ::pauses:: Ah canane help bu’ notice yeh’re rather irritable. Now ah dunnae ken ye very well, bu’ ‘tis clear this whole business is botherin’ ye.

:: Was everyone involved in this mess able to read him like an open book, or was it because he wasn’t wrapped in his layers of shielding? He fought the impulse to snap out a response and just nodded quietly. ::

Kincade: Ah’ve bin told ah’m a good ear if yeh’re needin’ one.

Skyfire: :: sighed heavily. :: Have yeh ever froze at a critical moment? Or given up because you lost a patient? Or were just too damn stubborn to let them go and somehow brought them back?

:: Dassa did both of the former, but it was still a point of curiosity. He needed to know it wasn’t just him who had moments like that. ::

Kincade: ::murmurs:: Dassa froze, didn’t she?

Skyfire: Aye.

:: He didn’t feel it necessary to mention the point at when exactly his colleague froze. He was stressed enough without needing to relive it. ::

Kincade: ::sighs:: The lass is always so tough on herself. Cannae make a simple mistake withoot beatin’ herself up o’er it. Ah wish she’d realize that it happens tae the best of us.

:: He nodded faintly and brushed a few locks of hair from his eyes. ::

Skyfire: Ah’ve froze in the past, but never durin’ surgery. As for the rest…? :: He trailed off, not able to finish. He didn’t have any answers. ::

Kincade: ::nods and smiles wanly:: The important thing is tha’ yeh saw it through. She’s on her way tae recovery thanks tae ye and Dassa.

:: It wouldn’t mean a damn thing if she never woke up, and the thought manifested as a grim line across his features. With a sigh, he bit into the stick of teriyaki jerky he had on the plate next to him, silent as he contemplated. Tentatively, he tried an experiment. ::

Skyfire: ~Come back to us, Lael…please…?~

:: As for what to say to Elina in reply, he had nothing. ::

::Elina laid a hand on top of Chythar’s.::

Kincade: She’s a stubborn lass an’ her job here isnae done. She’ll come back in her own time.

Skyfire: Never feels right until ah see them return tae consciousness…

Kincade: She will. Like ah said, give the lass time.

:: The irritability once more returned, and he rose from his seat as his voice grew sharp and icy despite his best efforts to keep it at bay. Meditation had been sporadic and brief for the last couple of days. ::

Skyfire: It’s been three days, damn it! :: he slumped back in the chair, then whispered softly. :: much longer…?

Kincade: There are some things tha’ are greater than us. We cannae understand why things are th’ way they are...just know tha’ she’s being looked after and tha’ she’ll come back when she’s ready.

:: He was still bitter, and for a grim moment, he bit back the realization that by pulling her back from death he put her into a coma. He tucked an errant lock of hair behind his ear and continued to listen before making a response. ::

Skyfire: Aye, she will. Just have tae be patient, ah s’pose.

Kincade: ::smiles wanly:: No’ yer strong suit, ah see.

Skyfire: Ah’d have a muscle shirt on o’er the tux if it was.

Kincade: ::chuckles:: Aye. ::pauses:: Ah hae a feelin’ ‘twill no’ be long now. The lass has an impatient streak all her own.




LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS Medical Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0


Lt. Lael Rosek HCO Officer USS Gorkon I238110RH0


Elina Kincade Civilian Nurse Earth

As simmed by Lael Rosek


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire Chief Medical Officer USS Gorkon, NCC-82293 O239002CS0