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Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
Starbase 118
USS Gorkon NCC 82293
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((Rosek Family Home--Cedar Springs, Michigan---Later…))

::Lael sucked in a sharp breath as they pulled into the drive of her mother’s home. How long had it been? Five years? And yet, it was as if she’d just been here yesterday. Not a thing had changed. She’d even bet her mom still hadn’t torn down that rickety chicken coop out back, though the last time she’d been here, it had been badly in need of repairs.::

::The car came to a stop and Lael swallowed roughly.::

Orrey: Welcome home. ::Jansen smiled and squeezed her leg.::

L. Rosek: ::nods:: Thanks.

::Jansen got out of the car and moved around to the side and opening Lael's door for her.::

::She struggled a bit to get out of the car, but at last stood upright. The sudden creak and bang of a door being opened and shut made her freeze.::

A. Rosek: ::wipes her hands on a towel:: About time you all got here. Supper’s getting cold.

L. Rosek: ::whispers:: Mom?

::Adelynn turned toward her daughter, frozen for a moment. Her face crumbled and she closed the distance between them in three large steps, clutching Lael tightly to her.

::Lael let the crutches fall yet again as she wrapped her arms around her mother.::

A. Rosek: ::closes her eyes and rasps:: Thank God you’re safe.

L. Rosek: ::nods:: I’m here, Mom.

::Adelynn released her and ushered her inside.::

A. Rosek: Come inside, now. You shouldn’t stand for too long. You’ll get tired.

::Jansen picked up the crutches yet again and stretched a little as he stood his own nagging injuries beginning to flare up as he shouldered the bags and followed the group into the house.::

::Adelynn wasn’t satisfied until Lael was seated in a chair with a stool under her feet.::

A. Rosek: Do you want something to drink, honey? A pop maybe?

L. Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: Yeah. That would be nice. Haven’t had one in almost a year.

A. Rosek: ::eyes widen:: But you’ve only been gone a few months!

L. Rosek: ::gaze drops to her hands and murmurs:: Not for us.

::Adelynn hugged her tightly, almost as if she was afraid she was going to disappear.::

Orrey: The place we were had us there an entire year, plus or minus a week compared to the time flow here.

::Adelynn turned to Jansen, noticing him for the first time since the group's arrival. She hesitated only a moment before hugging him tightly.::

A Rosek: ::murmurs:: Thank you for bringing her back to me alive.

Orrey: ::Jansen hugged the woman back and shot a pointed look at Lael’s brother before pulling back and looking at the older woman with a smile.:: It is my pleasure. She is a very special woman.

A Rosek: ::pulls back and turns to Lael:: This is your Jansen, I presume?

L. Rosek: ::blushes and nods:: Yeah. This is him.

Orrey: ::Jansen nodded his head simply.:: Jansen Orrey, a pleasure to meet you. Lael has told me a lot about you.

A Rosek: ::blushes:: Oh, pish posh. All good I hope.

Orrey: Very much yes. I see where her beauty comes from first hand Mrs. Rosek.

A Rosek: ::blushes:: Call me Adelynn. Please.

Orrey: Alright, Adelynn. ::Jansen offered a smile to her.::

::Lael was on edge. This wasn't at all the first meeting she was expecting. Her mother was being way too nice.::

::As if reading her mind, her mother arched an eyebrow.::

A Rosek: Give your poor mother some credit, Lael. ::softly:: You were gone for months. We thought you were dead.

:: While she and her mother had had a rocky relationship, Lael knew her mother loved her.::

L. Rosek: ::murmurs:: You're right. I'm sorry.

::A tense silence filled the room.::

K. Rosek: ::to Adelynn:: You said something about supper? I'm starving.

Liam: Me too.

A Rosek: All right. Elina, Rebecca...there should be extra chairs on the back porch. Kellan why don't you and Liam set out the dishes and utensils?

Orrey: What can I do to help?

A Rosek: ::waves him off:: Nonsense. You're a guest. ::turns to the replicator:: Did you want something to drink?

Orrey: Anything will be fine, thank you yes.

::As she was giving the replicator the appropriate instructions, another car could be heard pulling up.::

A Rosek: That would be Bill with the kids.

::Before another word could be uttered, laughter accompanied by the pitter patter of feet on the porch reached Lael’s ears. The kids burst in and the oldest boy froze before a big grin spread across his face. He raced to hug her.::

Matthew: Aunt Lael! You're okay!

::The impact knocked the wind out of Lael and she laughed breathlessly, hugging him back.::

L. Rosek: Good to see you too, Matthew.

::At that moment, Rebecca entered and hugged her son.::

::Elina entered grumbling and carrying the chairs. She looked ready to scold Rebecca, but stopped and smiled when she saw Matthew.::

L Rosek: ::to Jansen:: This is Matthew, Rebecca's son. ::grasps Jansen's hand:: Matthew, this is Jansen.

Orrey: ::Jansen smiles at the boy.:: Nice to meet you.

Matthew: ::to Lael:: Is he your boyfriend?

L. Rosek: ::blushes:: Yes, he is. ::smiles at Jansen affectionately::

R. Hollendale: ::grimaces:: Keep it in the bedroom, Lae.

Matthew: ::rolls his eyes:: Mom…

L. Rosek ::smiles and ruffles his hair:: Aww. Matty is all grown up.

Matthew: ::tries to fix his hair, exasperated:: Aunt Lael!

L. Rosek: ::amused:: What? It's not like like you have a girlfriend or anything.

Matthew: ::glares:: What would you know?

::He stormed out the door, slamming it behind him.::

R. Hollendale: ::chastises:: Matthew James!

Tarrah: ::sighs:: I guess I better go after him.

::It wasn't until she was out the door that it clicked for Lael.::

L. Rosek: ::grimaces:: Crap.

Kincade: ::softly:: ‘Tis okay, dearie. Ye didnae know.

Orrey: ::Jansen loosens his hand from hers and rubs Lael on the back.:: That's right it's okay.

::Dinner was a silent affair. Matthew and Tarrah eventually came back in with Matthew glaring daggers at her. Despite everyone's reassurances, it was another in a line of stresses. Matthew was obviously upset over what her disappearance had put him through. For all his bravado, he was extremely hurt and was the one most affected by her absence.::

::She wanted to apologize, but didn't want to hurt him further. Her dinner eaten, she turned to her mother.::

L. Rosek: May I be excused?

A Rosek: ::frowns:: Of course, honey. Go get some rest.

::She rose and, carefully balancing her dishes, as she leaned on her forearm crutches. After rinsing the plate and depositing it into the sink, she hobbled up the stairs without looking at anyone.::

A Rosek: ::to Jansen:: What happened out there?

Orrey: Hell. ::He finished his meal and laid his silverware on the plate.:: A world where most of our friends and family were dead. The Dominion had beaten the the Federation back into a ragtag group almost comparable to the Maquis here.

Kincade: ::gasps:: By the Gods! I can't imagine…

Orrey: We did have an opportunity to meet the counterparts of ourselves.

A Rosek: ::gaze drops to her plate and murmurs:: She met her father.

Orrey: She did but only because you were dead.

::Adelynn paled. She and Lael had never been particularly close, but she was all the poor girl had ever known parent-wise.::

K. Rosek: She told me. ::runs his hands through his hair:: Said she wanted to meet our dad in this universe and get to know him.

::Adelynn stiffened.::

K. Rosek: ::sighs:: I tried to talk her out of it, but she’d made up her mind.

Orrey: You don't approve?

A Rosek: ::murmurs:: I just don't want to see her hurt. She's been through enough.

Orrey: I see. ::Jansen looked up the stairs briefly.:: If you will excuse me, we have had a bit of travel so I'm going to go check up on her. I would like to continue our conversation later however

A Rosek: ::nods:: I think you're the best thing for her right now.

::Jansen clears his plate from the table and then heads upstairs to where he put their bags earlier.::

LtJG Lael Rosek
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansen Orrey
USS Gorkon

PNPC Adelynn Rosek
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Kellan Rosek
Civilian Med Student
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Liam Scott
Civilian Child
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Matthew Brice
Civilian Child
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Rebecca Hollendale
Civilian Martial Arts Instructor
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek


Tarrah Tel-ar
Civilian Child
As simmed by LtJG Lael Rosek