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((Hukoga sector, Temlai))

::Eerie, the away team and their Romulan guests were at a stand still as they were trying to get started to find the vials. They had been led into a foyer, and told that only passive scans would be allowed on their tricorders.::

Eerie: Commander, this is not what was agreed upon. A passive search will not give us a tenth of the results that will be on an active scan. I must say again we are here to help in the investigation. These specialists must have full access to tricorder scans... passive and active, if we want to find the vials.

Rosek: With respect, Commander, we're here to help. If you have an issue with that, maybe you should take it up with your superiors.

Sevo/Carpenter/Ewan-Murphy: Response

T'Lak: Precisely. You are here to aid US. We have every right to protect our interests. I would be neglectful in my duties if I didn't take...precautions.

Eerie: Commander. How about we turn over all tricorder memory chips to you afterwards. You can even 'wipe' the tricorders clean afterwards if you like.

::Lael was quickly becoming irritated by the Commander's continued stubbornness. She was losing her patience and with it, her desire to be diplomatic. It was on the tip of her tongue to suggest they return once T'Lak had spoken with his superiors.::

Sevo/Carpenter/Ewan-Murphy: Response

Eerie: SubCommander. I will use my phaser on them after the mission, but they are vital to the completion of this mission.

::Lael fought back a smirk at Eerie's subtle reminder. Based on the equivalency of the ranks, Eerie outranked the Romulan.::

Sevo/Carpenter/Ewan-Murphy: Response

T'Lak: I will have to consult with my superiors. Until that time, you will be escorted back to your rendezvous point and will do nothing until I return.

::Lael closed her eyes, exhaling softly. This was going south fast.::

Rosek: We understand your reluctance, Commander T'Lak. Truly we do. Surely there's some way we can resolve this without further delaying the mission. This matter is already time-sensitive, as I'm sure you're aware, and delays could be disastrous. You wouldn't want to be in the position of having to report to your superiors with news of failure, would you?

T'Lak: Is that a threat, Ensign?

Rosek: Not at all, Commander. I'm just stating facts. For us to complete this mission, we're going to need to trust each other. I know there's not exactly a history of that between our peoples, but now is as good a time as any to start.

Tarna: I appreciate that in our long history of interactions things haven’t always gone well. While you may be naturally distrustful of us and our intentions we have come here to help deal with a very serious threat to your home, to your lives and the lives of your family and friends. All you hold dear hangs in the balance. We want to help, will you allow us to do that?

T'Lak: Response

::Lael watched curiously as Eerie tapped his combadge.::

Eerie:=/\= Tess, dear.=/\= ::Tapping his comm badge and looking directly at the Romulan officer.::

Tess: Response

Eerie: =/\= Can you create a direct open channel to SubCommander T'Lak supervisor. Make that his supervisor's...supervisor. Pipe this to Captain Nugra and Commander Sharpe as well.=/\=

::Lael fought back a grin. It may have been against protocol, but it looked like it was this or walk away from the mission. Like Commander Eerie, she wasn't prepared to do that. She'd support his decision with the Captain, she knew.::

Eerie: =/\= I want a open comm channel so that they can hear everything.=/\=

Tess: Response

Eerie: =/\= This is Lt. Commander Eerie of the USS Achilles. We are here to help retrieve the vials of the Skyfire virus and SubCommander T'Lak is hindering us, the officer is not letting us actively scan for it. I have offered to surrender our tricorders after the mission. However, this has not been accepted and we are being requested to return our beam down point. The mission is in serious danger of collapse.=/\=

T'Lak: Response

Eerie: Under my orders, start active scans. Also Commander, this is your planet but we are here to find those vials. Unless you are prepared to end this mission now. Then lead us or get out of the way and be our escort.

::Lael noted the tightening of the Commander's features. He looked on the verge of pulling out the weapon at his side and shooting Eerie.::

T'Lak: ::grinds out:: You may proceed.

Eerie: response

Rosek: Thank you, Commander, for your cooperation. If everyone's in agreement, Commander T'Lak can personally destroy our tricorders' memory chips and wipe our tricorders following the completion of the mission.

Eerie/Tess/Anyone: Response


Engineering Officer
USS Victory